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Abilar 10% Resin Salve 20g

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Abilar 10% Resin Salve 20g

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  • For home use in the treatment of scratches, abrasions, smaller burns, traumatic wounds, inflamed wounds etc.
  • For professional use for infected and uninfected, acute and chronic wounds, for pressure sores, diabetic wounds, leg ulcers, complicated surgical wounds, burn wounds etc.
  • The effectiveness of Abilar® 10% Resin Salve has been confirmed by in vitro and in vivo research methods required by modern medical science
  • The favorable effect of Abilar® 10% Resin Salve is a consequence of the unique proven three-fold effect: Abilar is wide-spectric antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and enhances wound regeneration
  • Abilar 10% Resin Salve has antibacterial and antifungal activity against the bacteria which usually cause wound infections
  • The treatment time varies from days to months depending on wound type, size and etiology

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