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Lintbells YuMOVE Working Dog Tablets (pack of 480)
YUMOVE Working Dog is the only supplement that provides all the key ingredients needed to support your dog’s joint health and maintain energy and stamina. It contains only the best quality ingredients at levels that provide fast, effective and long-term support for joint health.

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Lintbells YuMOVE Dog Tablets
YuMOVE Dog is a premium joint supplement for dogs which soothes stiffness, safeguards long-term joint health and promotes mobility. It’s proven to work in just 6 weeks

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Lintbells YuMOVE Horse Joint Supplement
Yumove Horse Joint Supplement. This formula provides a unique combination of proven active ingredients to help support the joint structure and promote mobility, plus soothe, maintain and cushion your horse?s joints in a single supplement.

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Lintbells iMOVE Capsules (pack of 90)
Our joints are complicated structures, and we’ve got lots of them, so it’s not always easy keeping them in good shape. And if our joints start to wear, we soon know about it with increased joint stiffness, discomfort and sometimes joint pain.

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Lintbells YuMOVE Horse Active Joint Supplement
Yumove Horse Active Joint Supplement. Maintain and support your horse's joint health during exercise with this specifically designed supplement, containing increased levels of key active ingredients to aid the body's own anti-inflammatory process and maintain joint mobility in a single supplement.

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Lintbells YuMOVE Active Dog
YUMOVE Young & Active has been specially formulated with increased levels of Green Lipped Mussel, Manganese, Vitamin E and added Zinc to support your young & active dog's joints.

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Lintbells YuMOVE Advance Capsules For Cats (pack of 60)
YuMOVE ADVANCE for Cats is a unique combination of advanced, high-strength ingredients to promote mobility and support joint function. It’s phosphate-free, fast-acting and easy to feed.

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Lintbells YuMOVE Horse Active Joint Patch (pack of 2)
Yumove Horse Active Joint Patch is a topical patch that can be used to ease joint stiffness and support mobility in horses, providing owners with a simple, safe and rapid approach to management of daily knocks, strains and joint stiffness that occur in both competition horses and leisure horses alike. Ideal for competition, training and every day knocks, strains and joint stiffness.

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