Vitamin Supplements

We stock a great range of vitamin supplements ranging from our best sellers, Valupak Odourless Garlic Oil Capsules which help to maintain a healthy heart and circulation as part of a balanced diet to Dalivit drops which are a multivitamin preparation through to Valupak Calcium & Vitamin D support which are essential for growth, health and longevity. Check out our full range of products below.

Ensure Plus
Suitable as a nutritional supplement or as a sole source of nutrition for patients who cannot or will not eat sufficient quantities of everyday food and drink to meet their nutritional requirements.

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Calcichew D3 Forte Chewable Tablets (pack of 100)
Calcichew D3 Forte Chewable Tablets (pack of 100) for the treatment and prevention of vitamin D/calcium deficiency.

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Valupak Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules (pack of 30)
Omega-3 may help regulate blood cholesterol levels, strengthen blood vessels and have a positive influence on general brain function; providing the important fatty acids EPA and DHA which contribute to the normal function of the heart

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Valupak Vitamin D 1000iu (pack of 60)
Valupak Vitamin D plays a role in the normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and helps maintain normal bones and teeth. It also supports normal immune system function and has a role in the process of cell division.

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Calcichew D3 Forte Chewable Tablet (pack of 60)
Calcichew D3 Forte Chewable Tablet for the treatment and prevention of vitamin D/calcium deficiency.

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Valupak Zinc 10mg Tablets (pack of 60)
Valupak Zinc tablets help maintain healthy skin, good hair, vision and provide daily defence against colds and flu.

Item #: VALUPZ 
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Haliborange Kids Multivitamin Fruit Softies (pack of 30)
Haliborange Kids Multivitamin Fruit Softies. Delicious tasting strawberry fruit shapes providing children with the vitamins which are important for healthy growth and development. Children love to take Haliborange Multivitamin Fruit Softies.

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Cardioace Plus Capsules (pack of 60)
Designed to be the most comprehensive, research-based nutritional supplement for heart health.

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NAF SupaSulf Tablets (Human Use Only) 120 tablets
A dietary source of supplementary sulphur.

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Sando-K 470mg Potassium Chloride (packof 100 Tablets)
Effervescent Tablets containing 0.6g potassium chloride Ph.Eur., 0.4g potassium bicarbonate USP

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