Foot Rot in Sheep

We stock a great range of sheep foot rot products ranging from our best sellers, Footmaster Spray which is a highly researched and developed formulation, for the effective application of foot conditions in livestock to a Farmer Pack Dag & Hoof which is an essential kit for keeping healthy sheep. Check out our full range of products to prevent foot rot in sheep below.

Kruuse Blue Spray 200ml
For cleaning of bites, cuts and sutures in dogs, cats, pigs, cattle and horses.

£4.09 Incl. Vat

Footvax footrot vaccine for sheep as an aid to the prevention and treatment of footrot caused by bacteroides nodosus. A fluid vaccine containing ten strains of inactivated bacteroides nodosus. Do not use with Cydectin Injection 1%, but may be used with Cydectin Injection 2% 1ml dose.

From £83.65 Incl. Vat

Battles Foot Health Aerosol 150g
For use as an aid in mainting foot health in sheep.

£9.49 Incl. Vat

Golden Hoof Plus 20kg
Contains the original zinc sulphate preparation which has been enhanced by the addition of a surfactant to increase penetration into the hoof and an activating agent to give easier mixing.

£50.99 Incl. Vat

CK Footrot Shears Plain
Excellent quality footrot shear. Lower blade slices through hard hooves with minimum effort and precision. High strength but lightweight.

£27.45 Incl. Vat

Golden Hoof 20kg
Golden Hoof is the UK's leading veterinary licenced zinc sulphate footbath, fully tested in extensive field trials for proven efficacy.

£49.99 Incl. Vat

Battles Zincoped 20kg
For the prevention and control of footrot in sheep. A free flowing powder for dilution at the rate of 1lb of Zinc-o-ped to 1 gallon of clean water. Active ingredient zinc sulphate.

£65.95 Incl. Vat

Barrier D Sheep Dip
Barrier D Sheep Dip. It is an excellent repellent for all known ecto-parasites, particularly lice and ticks, but extra care must be taken as it will not stand up to scouring, footrot, injury or torrential rain and continued wet weather.

From £133.75 Incl. Vat