Royal Canin Maxi

Royal Canin Maxi is an ideal dog food for adult dogs, junior and puppies whose bodyweight is between 26-44 kilos. Royal Canin Maxi is the perfect dog food to use for your larger than average dog.

Royal Canin Babydog 1st Age Milk
Royal Canin Babydog Milk. Complete milk replacer feed for dogs – puppies from birth to weaning (0-2 months)

From £28.59 Incl. Vat

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Maxi Ageing 8+ Pouches 140g (pack of 10)
Complete wet food for dogs - for senior large breed dogs (from 26 to 44kg) - over 8 years old. Highly digestible, support for bone and joint health and a healthy ageing support.

£11.19 Incl. Vat