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Rockies 5 Star 5kg
The 5 Star Horse lick from Rockies contains trace elements and herbs needed by horses and ponies. The licks are durable and have enhanced palatability from apple flavouring and the herb, fenugreek.

Item #: ROCKIES5 
(8 reviews)


Rockies Bug:go 5kg
Bug:go! is an innovative 5kg salt lick which contains 10% pure garlic and the recognised benefits of allicin and ajoene.

Item #: BUGGO 
(2 reviews)


Rockies Field and Stable Block 10kg
Rockies Field & Stable Block provides essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins to horses and ponies, whether fully at grass or part-time stabled.


Rockies MagnaCalm Lick 1.8kg
Rockies MagnaCalm Lick contains high levels of magnesium, to calm horses who are prone to getting stressed or excitable.