Pigeon Vaccination Article



There have been a lot of queries about vaccination this week so we will try to cover as many of them as possible


Q. Why can’t we use live vaccine like they do in Belgium ?

A. Live vaccine is not approved for pigeons anywhere in the EU including Belgium


Q. Why not ?

A. Because it only works for a few weeks compared with a year for the two approved “killed” vaccines Colombovac pmv and Nobilis (Nobivac)


Q. Why are the Belgians allowed to vaccinate just once for life and we have to give a “booster” dose every year ?

A. This is a myth. The Belgians and French for their part often believe that the

Brits never  vaccinate !


Q. Why do the instructions say that birds should not be vaccinated until they are three weeks old ?

A. Because under three weeks they still have enough immunity from their parents to stop the vaccine “taking”


Q. I would like to buy a vaccination gun but they are expensive and I would need a new one if I changed brands of vaccine.

A. Check out the new auto-jector gun which is suitable for either make of vaccine


Q. Is it really worth the extra expense of vaccinating against Pigeon Pox as I have never had it in my loft. ?

A. Birds from infected lofts can carry and spread the disease without showing signs of infection. Virus can spread directly from bird to bird or via baskets, drinkers or feeders. Many flyers think the 10p per bird is worthwhile insurance against a ruined season- but the choice is yours


Q. Why can’t you send PMV vaccine to Belfast ?

A. A historical oversight by the authorities. At one time PMV vaccine was only available on prescription in Northern Ireland and an “import licence” needed to bring it in. When vaccine was de-regulated they apparently forgot to do away with the licence requirement. As vaccination is government and EU policy N.I.  flyers could write to their MP’s asking for the licences to be abolished and bring the province into line with the rest of the UK .



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