Horse Joint Supplement

We stock a great range of equine joint supplements to help maintain your horses joints and bones. Horse joint supplements are the best way to keep their joints and bones as healthy as possible. Check out our full range below.

Wendals Liquid Devils Claw for Horses
Wendals Devils Claw Liquid for Horses. For the nutritional maintenance of healthy joints and bones.

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Gold Label Franckincense
The natural alternative joint supplement for horses to support the muscular skeletal system, reduce joint discomfort and maintain mobility.

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NAF Cod Liver Oil Plus 1L
Cod Liver Oil Plus is a rich natural source of vitamins A and D and Omega 3 Fatty acids, along with linoleic acid which is renowned for its benefits to suppleness and coat condition.


Wendals Easy Mover for Horses
Wendals Easy Mover for Horses. A popular blend for arthritis, rheumatism, general mobility and stiffness in horses.

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Joint Aid Plus for Horses
Joint Aid for Horses + Omega 3 is a high specification complementary feed supplement for all horses and ponies that provides nutritional support to maintain sound, healthy joints.

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Pernamax Equine Tablets
Pernamax Equine Tablets. A fast acting, effective and natural joint care solution for horses that suffer from mobility problems.

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A rich source of bio-available sulphur. Contains pure OptiMSM, the only MSM distilled for its purity, rather than crystallized, which is more effective in removing heavy metal contamination. Essential for the health and elasticity of the connective tissues surrounding the joints.

Item #: MSMNAF 
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TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support
TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support is a caramel flavoured additive which contains an excellent specification of nutrients to support the development and maintenance of healthy joints.

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Gold Label Three Oils
Gold Label Three Oils. For feeding to show stock and older animals to maintain healthy joints.

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Horse First My Joints
My Joints is a unique formulation of high levels of glucosamine, Vitamin C and sepiolite. These ingredients have a proven effectiveness, we have not included other ingredients which under placebo tests have no proven value.

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Gold Label Limestone Flour 5kg
Add to feeds to balance the calcium/phosphorous ratio and for brood and lactating mares.


Horse First Cuppra
Horse First Cuppra. The ultimate copper top-up to bring the coat back to life. High copper availability for coat and conditioning.

From £14.95

Cortaflex HA Regular Strength Powder 3.6kg
Cortaflex HA Regular Strength Powder. Fortified with Hyaluronic Acid, Cortaflex® Powder economically and effectively supports and maintains healthy joints.


NAF Limestone Flour
A rich source of calcium designed to supplement bone growth requirements. NAF’s pure Limestone Flour should be fed when there is a need for additional calcium in the diet to supplement bone growth requirements.

From £7.79

Super Supplement Quarter Flex 1L
Super Supplement Quarter Flex is a unique blend of methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM), Glucosamine and Wheatgerm Oil to optimise joint flexibility and movement.


Super Supplement Cod Liver Oil with Garlic
A potent natural combination, supplying high levels of vitamins A & D plus traces of the B group and vitamin C.

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Cortaflex HA Regular Strength Powder 900g
Cortaflex is the next generation of Natural health care for joints. Cortaflex provides both the stimulus and the building blocks for natural joint health.


Gold Label Four Oils
For feeding to older animals to maintain healthy joints. Also as a support alongside Glucosamine prodcuts.

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Gold Label Glucosamine Ultimate
This alternative formulation is recommended for either new users or severe cases.

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Wendals Cider Apple Vinegar for Horses
Wendals Cider Apple Vinegar for Horses. A palatable liquid for optimising mobility and joint function.

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Gold Label Cider Vinegar
A liquid feed supplement for older, arthritic and laminitic horses and ponies.

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Animalife Vetroflex Senior For Horses
Vetroflex Senior is a proprietary blend of nutrients designed to provide support to the musculoskeletal, respiratory, immune and digestive systems of the older horse, together with added nutrients to help maintain body condition.

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Lincoln Platinum Pro Flex Joints 1.56kg
Lincoln Platinum Pro Flex Joints is a scientifically formulated joint supplement containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin to increase the strength of the cartilage supporting your horse’s joints.


Gold Label Glucosamine Liquid for Horses
An alternative liquid presentation of glucosamine blended with MSM and devils claw.


Gold Label Collagen Joint Supplement
Can be added to any other joint supplement to optimise the absorption and enhance the speed and efficiency.

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NAF Cod Liver Oil Plus 2.5L
Cod Liver Oil Plus is a rich natural source of vitamins A and D and Omega 3 Fatty acids, along with linoleic acid which is renowned for its benefits to suppleness and coat condition.

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Global Herbs MoveFree Maintenance for Horses 1kg
Global Herbs MoveFree Maintenance for Horses 1kg. The HA type herbal product for full mobility. Designed for use in horses that require gentle but effective support with flexibility and mobility.


Animalife Vetroflex Healthy For Horses
Vetroflex Healthy is a bespoke formulation supporting all round wellbeing and flexibility to allow your horse to enjoy his everyday life.

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Buteless Super Strength Powder 1.5kg
Buteless Super Strength Powder is a palatable, potent blend of natural, plant-based antioxidants, formulated to help maintain comfort and support peak performance for horses in hard work.


Horslyx Mobility 15kg
Horslyx Mobility Balancer contains Glucosamine HCl, MSM and Omega Oils to support healthy joints.

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Global Herbs Apple Cider Vinegar for Horses 5L
Global Herbs Apple Cider Vinegar for Horses 5L. Apple Cider Vinegar is a traditional product used to maintain supple joints and a healthy appetite.


Global Herbs SupaHOOF for Horses
Global Herbs SupaHOOF for Horses. Made from a special plant material that contains natural biotin within the plant itself. Use intensively if you are not happy about your horse's foot condition or routinely as the extra minerals will help with lots of other parts of the body like joints.

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Gold Label Aloe Vera Juice
Gold Label Aloe Vera Juice for Horses. Helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract, together with a healthy kidney and bladder.


Equistro Flexadin UCII 600g
Joint mobility and function. FLEXADIN is recommended for athletic horses requiring an optimal joint health and mobility.


Lincoln Its Not Bute 1L
Lincoln Its Not Bute is made from native Afican Devils Claw with the added advantage of natural apple flavour for enchanced palatability. Keeps joints moving and aiding freedom from pain.


Audevard Myostem Mass 2.1kg
Audevard Myostem Mass 2.1kg. A nutritional support for horses muscular development during training, for elderly or frail horses and growing foals.


Equine Corta-Vet HA
Used to kick-start treatment, this can be used for the first 30 days followed by Equine Cortavet.

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Global Herbs MoveFree Plus for Horses
Global Herbs Movefree Plus is the ultimate premium joint supplement. This specialised herbal mix helps to assist joints and maintains the natural production of joint fluid. Movefree Plus helps to provide advanced soothing comfort and helps to restore joints, tendons and ligaments, to get horses moving more freely.

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Dodson & Horrell Bone Support
Dodson & Horrell Bone Support. Bone Support is a unique research-based feed supplement designed to support bone health.

From £24.19

Hilton Herbs Multiflex Gold
When a quick response is required this concentrated mix of top quality plant tinctures is just what is needed. Containing carefully selected herbs known for their ability to help maintain optimum mobility, supple joints and muscles in animals of all ages.

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Equijoint R & A 1kg
A scientifically balanced blend of herbs to be fed every day when there is the possibility of loss of mobility.

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Brinicombe Think Sound
Brinicombe Think Sound for Horses. This new and improved formula is now more palatable with improved digestibility. Providing not only essential nutrients to promote joint comfort and flexibility, but also incorporating a high quality protein which provide stability in joints.

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Hilton Herbs Multiflex
Hilton Herbs MultiFlex. This is a mix that really has stood the test of time and is still one of our biggest selling herbal supplements for horses and ponies. All those owners can't be wrong!

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From £25.25

NAF D-Ty is a nutritional supplement for the support of healthy muscle tissue and function in horses.

From £24.65

Super Codlivine The Joint Liquid
A special blend of pure Cod Liver Oil enriched with Evening Primrose Oil, providing the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (GLA, EPA, DHA) and fat soluble vitamins.

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Myostem Protec 900ml
Nutritional supplement for horses to improve muscle resistance.


Gold Label Equidyne
Maintains the condition of the skeletal system, especially joints and muscles.


Horse First My Muscle
My Muscle contains high levels of the antioxidant Vitamins E & C which will aid muscle tissue during exercise, training and competition by eliminating free radicals. It helps to support the muscle metabolism and maintain the immune system by effectively cleaning muscle toxins after performance.

From £23.00

Lincoln Glucosamine Premier Concentrate 600g
Lincoln Glucosamine Premier Concentrate 600g. A concentrated glucosamine supplement with added MSM and Vitamin C.


Lincoln Platinum Ultimate Flex Performance Joints 1.56kg
Lincoln Platinum Ultimate Flex Performance Joints is designed to meet the needs of horses with more challenging joint problems, or to support those in intense work.