Hyperdrug Own Brand

Our Hyperdrug own brand products include wormers and flea treatments as well as ear cleaners and puppy milk. We have products for horses, dogs, cats and even pigeons! Great value and quality.
Glucomax + Chondroitin Tablets plus MSM for dogs (pack of 90)
Helps maintain healthy joints & cartilage for improved mobility and freedom from stiffness in all breeds of dog.

£17.79 Incl. Vat

EasiVet Novodent Dental Spray 100ml
Maintains fresh breath and healthy gums in all breeds of dogs and cats.

(3 reviews)

£5.29 Incl. Vat

Get Rid 350g
100% natural, totally organic powder to rid animals of crawling insects.

Item #: GETRID 
(5 reviews)

£4.99 Incl. Vat

Stable Fresh
Pleasant pine disinfectant for general use around the yard. Deters horses from eating straw beds.

(1 reviews)

From £7.99 Incl. Vat

Styptic Powder 15g
An alternative for those who prefer a formula in powder form

Item #: STYPP 
(1 reviews)

£5.99 Incl. Vat

Brewers Yeast
Brewers Yeast is made from pure pharmaceutical grade Brewers Yeast, a natural source of B group vitamins which are essential for growth and a healthy nervous and digestive system.

Item #: BREWERS 
(3 reviews)

From £11.09

EasiVet Eye Wipes (pack of 100)
These non-sting wipes are a hygienic way to clear the eye corners of horses and other animals.

Item #: EYE100 
(4 reviews)

£6.99 Incl. Vat

Cytaboost B12 500ml
Concentrated Vitamin B12 in its most stable and well-absorbed form. Most seed mixtures lack B.12 and deficiency causes poor feather growth and lowers hatchability of eggs

Item #: CYT1 
(3 reviews)


Equine Neem Oil (Margosa) Shampoo
MARGOSA. Neem has been traditionally used for its fungicidal soothing and insect repellent properties.

Item #: MARGOSA 
(2 reviews)

From £14.99 Incl. Vat

EasiVet Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) 3kg
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) 3kg. Epsom Salts has many agricultural uses and can provide many therapeutic remedies for livestock.

Item #: EPS3KG 
(3 reviews)


Neem Oil (Margosa) Lotion 500ml
Neem is obtained from an indian tree and has been shown to have antibacterial, anti-fungal soothing and insecticidal properties. Improved formula now with sulphur.

£10.19 Incl. Vat

Insecticidal Pigeon Dip 100ml
A insecticidal dip for racing and show pigeons. Contains Piperonyl Butoxide and Natural Pyrethrins.

Item #: PIG9011669 
(5 reviews)

£9.99 Incl. Vat

EasiVet Allergeze Plus
New improved Allergeze Plus is a combination of natural ingredients and has been tested near our local rapefields. Contains Camomile and Methionine, which when blended with B group vitamins have been shown to reduce histamine levels.

(4 reviews)

From £14.99

Vitamin Concentrate 100ml (3000 doses)
Rich in vitamins and cobalt - makes 3,000 doses, add 5ml to a gallon of drinking water. (replace solution regularly)

Item #: VIT3000 
(2 reviews)

£5.99 Incl. Vat

Mudwash Shampoo
Mudwash Shampoo for use after muddy conditions. Antibacterial and anti-fungal iodine based shampoo for horses.

Item #: MUDWASH 
(2 reviews)

From £9.99 Incl. Vat

Green Veterinary Salve 40g
Very popular antibacterial and soothing ointment to the authentic Victorian formula.

Item #: GREENO 
(2 reviews)

£4.19 Incl. Vat

Hyperdrug Louse Powder 400g
An insect repellent for amateur use against flying and crawling insects such as lice, mites, midges, ticks and mosquitoes for application to the horses, cattle, sheep and poulty.

£6.99 Incl. Vat

EasiVet Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel 400g
Specific application containing arnica. May be used prior to competition. Natural astringent to assist in soothing bruises and soft swelling.

£8.35 Incl. Vat

Hyperdrug Medicated Shampoo 500ml
Hyperdrug Medicated Shampoo 500ml is an antibacterial and anti-fungal shampoo containing Oil of Cade. Ideal for problem skin and coats.

(2 reviews)

£5.39 Incl. Vat

Easifen Capsules for pigeons (pack of 100)
Treats ascarids (roundworms), hairworms (capillaria) and tapeworms and kills worm eggs & larvae.

Item #: EASIFC 
(4 reviews)

£15.99 Incl. Vat

EasiVet Neem Oil (Margosa) Salve 100g
Products which have been used for centuries in India for its remarkable properties in maintaining healthy skin and coat. Research shows it has antiseptic, antifungal, soothing and insecticidal properties

£6.15 Incl. Vat

Durasect P 100ml
apply when red mites are noticed and repeat as necessary at a minimum interval of 14 days. may also be used as a loft spray.

Item #: DEO100 
(2 reviews)

£9.99 Incl. Vat

Styptic Drops 50ml
Also known as Steel Drops Traditionally used to stop bleeding if nails are cut or from minor wounds.

Item #: STYD 
(1 reviews)

£5.99 Incl. Vat

Megaboost Tonic 500ml
Rich in vitamins and trace elements. Blended with natural cane molasses for energy and stamina.

Item #: MEG9002759 
(2 reviews)


Hyperdrug Milk Replacer for Lambs/Calves/Foals 5kg
Top quality milk replacement powder. Either to replace the mother`s milk completely or to supplement it where it may be inadequate. Reconstitute by mixing with warm water according to the directions on the container.


Glucomax Active Capsules (pack of 90) for dogs
Helps maintain healthy joints and cartilage with freedom from stiffness, especially in mature and working dogs.

(2 reviews)

£15.99 Incl. Vat

Lavender Wash 500ml
Lavender Wash is an equine body wash, brace and refreshing skin stimulant containing Lavender and Menthol.

(3 reviews)

£4.85 Incl. Vat

EasiVet Herbal Skin Gel 100g
Containing aloe vera, comfrey, rosemary oil and calendula to assist healing of minor wounds.

Item #: HERS200 
(1 reviews)

£2.85 Incl. Vat

Glucose Powder 3kg
Traditionally used as a natural source of energy in Sheep, Cattle, Racing Pigeons, Greyhounds and working dogs. Dissolve in water before use, adding the powder to the water and shaking well. Feed as necessary or as directed by a vet. Store in a cool place out of reach of children.


Brewers Yeast 200g
A natural source of vitamin B complex to help prevent deficiencies which may lead to poor skin & coat.

Item #: BREWER 
(5 reviews)


Stockholm Tar Aerosol 200ml
A convenient form of this useful substance. The pressure spray ensures deeper penetration and better disinfection of the sole and frog. AEROSOLS ARE SENT BY SECOND CLASS POST

Item #: STOSPR 
(1 reviews)

£5.49 Incl. Vat

Surgical Spirit 5L
Surgical Spirit 5L. A general purpose skin cleanser for use in the management of livestock. Contains industrial Methylated spirit and Propan-2-ol.

£22.99 Incl. Vat

Garlic Honey & Glucose 500ml
All the well known properties of natural Garlic blended with Liquid Glucose for energy Concentrated herbal & energy supplement traditionally used to ward off infection.


Seaweed Powder 200g
Traditionally used to improve coat condition and as a general supplement in dogs and racing pigeons.

Item #: SEAWEED 
(5 reviews)


Rotaboost 5000 150g
Rotaboost 5000 150g . For veterinary use to maintain health in young birds retaining food or fluid in crops or vomiting.


EasiVet SF-50 Drops 100ml
Multivitamin mineral trace element & amino acid formula in drop for most animals and cage birds. Especially convenient for cats. An alternative to SF-50 Powder Or SA-37 which is no longer manufactured

£13.65 Incl. Vat

Linseed Oil (Raw) 2.5L
Raw cold-pressed oil for addition to feed to give a healthy shine to your horse's coat.

Item #: LIN2500 
(3 reviews)


Cytaboost B12 2L

Vitamin B12 diet supplement containing the most stable and well-absorbed form of B.12

Essential for good feather growth and egg hatchability


Cafevit Tonic 250ml
Cafevit Tonic stimulating supplement containing iron, caffeine and vitamins. Prepared for all breeds especially show and working dogs and racing greyhounds. Useful after illness to boost appetite. Also used for racing pigeons and horses. Discontinue 7 days before racing.

Item #: CAFEP200 
(1 reviews)

£9.50 Incl. Vat

MegaCox Capsules (pack of 100) coccidiosis treatment for pigeons
MegaCox Capsules effective treatment for coccidiosis in racing pigeons.

(1 reviews)

£14.99 Incl. Vat

Garlic Juice 50ml
Guaranteed full strength in accordance with the original BPC specification. Add 10 drops to every pint of drinking water when ever the properties of Garlic are required.


Glucomax C Equine Advanced with Collagen
High potency blend of Marine Glucosamine Sulphate with MSM and Vitamin C Helps maintain healthy joints in ponies horses.

Item #: GLUCHC 
(3 reviews)

From £24.99

Stockholm Tar Liquid
An antibacterial and anti-fungal natural pine tar. To be used as an external application to the horses feet. It is also a product that can be used in horticulture.

(2 reviews)

From £5.49 Incl. Vat

Colostrum Foal / Calf 750g
Calf colostrum - contains specific antibodies to Rotavirus.Coronavirus, E.Coli, four strains of Salmonella and S. faecium M74 permitted probiotic (Brussels Nom. 3002900) with proteins, fats and glucose and vitamins A, D, E for real nutritional support.


Nilbute Equine
A concentrated combination of 3 proven natural ingredients to help maintain healthy joints and muscles.

Item #: NIL1000 
(4 reviews)

From £13.29

EasiVet Ascorbimax Vitamin C Powder 200g
Contains 12% pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Suitable for all dog breeds. Small to medium dogs - half a 5ml spoonful twice a week in water. Adult dogs - one heaped 5ml spoonful twice a week in water. Greyhounds as above but for two days before and after racing.

Item #: ASC2 
(1 reviews)

£6.41 Incl. Vat

Resputon P with Elderberry 100ml

Highly concentrated with SIX herbal ingredients to maintain healthy respiratory system in racing pigeons

£7.99 Incl. Vat

Elderberry Liquid 100ml
Traditionally used for catarrh & respiratory problems. Also used to enhance skin & coat pigmentation.

(1 reviews)

£5.99 Incl. Vat

Clipper Oil Aerosol 200ml
To lubricate blades whilst clipping,

(1 reviews)

£4.69 Incl. Vat

Show White Paste 100g
A non chalk super white paste acclaimed in the showing world for its extra white appearance and its ability to adhere to the coat

£3.99 Incl. Vat