Hyperdrug Own Brand Pigeon Wormer

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Easimec Ivermectin 0.5% 10ml
For control of lice, mites & other insects & roundworms in racing pigeons, guinea pigs and pet rabbits

Item #: IVE1 
(45 reviews)

£10.99 Incl. Vat

Tri-Max Capsules (pack of 50)
Treats coccidiosis, canker and all worms in pigeons.

Item #: TRIMAX 
(6 reviews)

£20.69 Incl. Vat

TriMax Plus 4 in 1 Liquid 100ml
Treatment for canker, coccidiosis, worms and external parasites (lice and mites) in racing and show pigeons.

£19.99 Incl. Vat

Easifen Capsules for pigeons (pack of 100)
Treats ascarids (roundworms), hairworms (capillaria) and tapeworms and kills worm eggs & larvae.

Item #: EASIFC 
(5 reviews)

£15.99 Incl. Vat