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Flexiboost Frankincense
Flexiboost Frankincense Boswellia Serrata is a natural alternative joint supplement for horses. Supports the musculoskeletal system.

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Four Oils
A nutrient blend of four important oils - cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, wheatgerm oil and salmon oil. For feeding to older animals to maintain healthy joints.

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Glucomax Liquid
An alternative liquid presentation of Glucosamine blended with MSM and Devil's Claw. Provides building blocks for healthy joints and maintains mobility. Contains 4800mg of Glucosamine per 30ml.

Item #: GLU1 
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Glucomax C Equine Advanced with Collagen
High potency blend of Marine Glucosamine Sulphate with MSM and Vitamin C Helps maintain healthy joints in ponies horses.

Item #: GLUCHC 
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Nilbute Equine
A concentrated combination of 3 proven natural ingredients to help maintain healthy joints and muscles.

Item #: NIL1000 
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Glucomax Forte glucosamine for horses 1.5kg
At least 99% pure Glucosamine! To help maintain healthy joints in horses & ponies.


MSM Powder 300g
Extra high potency. A natural anti-inflammatory to maintain healthy joints and relieve stiffness.

Item #: MSM300 
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Equijoint R & A 1kg
A scientifically balanced blend of herbs to be fed every day when there is the possibility of loss of mobility.

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