Hoof Supplement for Horses

We stock a range of Hoof Supplements for horses from our best seller, Farrier’s Formula, the only hoof supplement with scientific research to prove its performance, to Biotin to help promote good quality hoof horn . Please check out our full range below.

Rockies 5 Star 5kg
The 5 Star Horse lick from Rockies contains trace elements and herbs needed by horses and ponies. The licks are durable and have enhanced palatability from apple flavouring and the herb, fenugreek.

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NAF Biotin Plus
NAF Biotin Plus contains biotin, methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves.

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Equimins Biotin 15
Equimins Hoof Biotin 15 is an excellent supplement delivering 15mg of Biotin per day, with generous levels of Zinc, Methionine and Copper. It will help support healthy hoof growth as well as improving skin and coat condition.

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Life Data Farrier's Formula for Horses
Life Data Farrier's Formula for Horses. A super concentrated hoof supplement with high levels of nutritional ingredients to promote hoof growth.

Item #: FARRF 
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NAF Five Star Pro Feet Liquid
PROFEET supplements are unique in that they not only provide nutrients to directly support hoof health, they also provide nutritional support that helps target healthy liver function, which, in turn is fundamental to healthy hoof growth. Biotin is combined with a rich sulphur complex of methionine, lysine and MSM, minerals including calcium and zinc, and a broad spectrum of naturally sourced amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Item #: PROFEET 
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Formula4 Feet
The leading UK hoof and laminitis supplement. Developed at the Laminitis Clinic. Certified non-GM. Every batch cleared by the world's leading forensic laboratory. Provides over 65 nutrients for a healthy horse with strong feet.

Item #: FORMULA4 
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Maxavita MaxaHoof 900g
Maxavita MaxaHoof 900g. A daily supplement to help maintain strong and healthy hoof growth with key active ingredients including Biotin, Calcium, MSM & Brewers Yeast.

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NAF Five Star Pro Feet Powder
PROFEET supplements are unique in that they not only provide nutrients to directly support hoof health, they also provide nutritional support that helps target healthy liver function, which, in turn is fundamental to healthy hoof growth.

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From £27.15

NAF Seaweed Supplement
Seaweed is an excellent source of broad spectrum natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support health and vitality in all horses.

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NAF Five Star Pro Feet Pellets 3kg
NAF Five Star PROFEET Pellets is an advanced formulation combining optimum levels of biotin with key micronutrients and targeted antioxidant support providing long term untique protection against cracked brittles hooves while supporting healthy horn growth.


Horse First Hoof First
Hoof First unique formula contains high strength Biotin with all the essential vitamins and minerals to produce a healthy hoof.

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Think Mud
Think Mud is a unique feed essential, which works from the inside to help maintain your horse's defences against mud reactions. Containing natural ingredients rich in antioxidants and MSM it helps maintain healthy skin throughout the winter.

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Gold Label Biotin Plus 900g
Containing Biotin, Zinc and the amino acid Methionine combined to act as a hoof conditioner, strengthener and hoof horn hardener.

Item #: GOLDLBP 
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£11.65 Incl. Vat

Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Supplement 6kg
A premium specification to build and maintain strong, healthy hooves, 200g of this superior supplement delivers 20mg of biotin, the amount needed by a 500kg horse. A 6kg tub of this convenient pelleted formula will last 30 days for an average 500kg horse.

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Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil
Soya Oil is a traditional addition for your horse or pony’s diet and this supplement can help to improve your horse’s coat condition and shine.

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Linseed Oil (Raw) 2.5L
Raw cold-pressed oil for addition to feed to give a healthy shine to your horse's coat.

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Navilam O
Offers support for the laminae, navicular and pedal bones and the lower leg and hoof. Contains nobute and English hawthorn berries.

Item #: NAVILAM25 
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From £21.99

Science Supplements 4Feet for horses
Science Supplements 4Feet for horses. Science Supplements 4Feet is a specialist dietary supplement that provides a concentrated source of the micronutrients, Biotin and Calcium, required for good hoof horn quality and growth.

Item #: SCIENS4FT 
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From £38.99

Gold Label Biotin
Gold Label Biotin for Horses. Gold Label Biotin promotes healthy hoof growth and good quality hoof horn.

Item #: GOLDLB 
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Equistro Kerabol Biotin 1kg
EQUISTRO® KERABOL BIOTIN can help stimulate hoof and hair metabolism thus favouring a shiny coat and a healthy hoof that is supple and not brittle.


Limestone Flour 25kg
CALCIUM CARBONATE. Natural Calcium essential for bones and teeth.


Kevin Bacons Hoof Formula 5kg
A highly digestible, nutritional supplement scientifically formulated to assist the growth and quality of the horses' hoof.


Dodson & Horrell Firm Foot 4kg
Firm Foot is a simple yet effective blend of Rosehip and Seaweed. The combination of the two herbs, provide essential minerals and promote circulation which are both important for healthy hoof growth.


Global Herbs Pure Seaweed
Global Herbs Pure Seaweed for Horses. Feeding seaweed is a good way of providing trace minerals that are lacking in pasture forage and concentrates. Reduced levels are required by horses that are not undertaking a great deal of work.


Lincoln Biotin for horses 600g
Lincoln Biotin 600g is a aily hoof boost for horses. The vitamin Biotin is important for good hoof growth.


Lincoln Seaweed & Biotin for horses 1kg
Lincoln Seaweed & Biotin. A natural source of a wide range of macro and micro nutrients, vitamins and additional Biotin.


Hilton Herbs Hoof & Health
Provides a balanced blend of vital nutrients to support healthy hoof growth, deep coat colour, quality skin and coat condition and maintain all round optimum health.

From £30.19

Global Herbs SupaHOOF for Horses
Global Herbs SupaHOOF for Horses. Made from a special plant material that contains natural biotin within the plant itself. Use intensively if you are not happy about your horse's foot condition or routinely as the extra minerals will help with lots of other parts of the body like joints.

From £22.99

TopSpec Healthy Hoof
TopSpec Healthy Hoof is designed to greatly improve hoof quality over a period of 9-12 months.

From £23.29

TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer 15kg
TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer 15kg. A palatable, pelleted product designed for good-doers in light to medium work. It combines a broad-spectrum supplement and a hoof supplement with a high-fibre, exceptionally low calorie feed.


Think Laminitix Granules 2kg
Think Laminitix provides the best possible nutrition for maintaining circulation and soundness and metabolic equilibrium. The ingredients include high levels of chelated magnesium and MSM with cinnamon, antioxidants, biotin and zinc for all-round support.

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Keratex Feed Supplement for Hooves 3kg
Contains all the vitamins, mineral and trace elements needed to promote healthy hoof growth. Ideal for stabled horses or horses in heavy work. Features unique slow release formula for maximum, long-lasting results.


Lincoln Biotin Premier for horses 600g
Lincoln Biotin Premier provides the total daily requirements of biotin plus recommended amount of lysine and methionine amino acids to optimise the utilisation of biotin.


Rockies LaminShield Salt Block 5kg
Provides a safe, palatable and easy way to provide supplementary magnesium to horses, ponies and donkeys.


Lincoln Platinum Pro Hoof Fit 1.65kg
Lincoln Platinum Pro Hoof Fit contains optimum levels of Biotin proven to improve hoof growth and condition, along with essential trace elements and MSM to support keratin formation.


Dodson & Horrell Hoof Support
Dodson & Horrell Hoof Support comes recommended by farriers as it has been specifically formulated for the nutritional maintenance of your horse’s hoof quality and growth.

From £21.35

Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement
FOOT PERFECT HOOF SUPPLEMENT is the most advanced ingredient for hoof integrity available in the marketplace today.

From £32.65

Battles Hoof Saver Biotin for Horses 600g
Battles Hoof Saver Biotin for Horses 600g. A complementary feed supplement to provide the optimum intake of biotin to ensure healthy hoof condition.


Wendals Farriers Blend for Horses 1kg
Wendals Farriers Blend for Horses 1kg. Blended with herbs that will supply the natural vitamins and minerals known to be required for hoof health and growth.