Horse First

Horse First Heavy Sweat
Horse First Heavy Sweat. Puts back what sweat takes out during hard work, travelling and exercise. Pure body salts with no fillers, glucose, bicarbonate or lactate.

From £9.39

Horse First RelaxMe Now Horse Calmer 30ml Syringe
Horse First RelaxMe Horse Calmer 30ml Syringe. Two-way calming and settling supplement which settles the stomach and digestive tract and relieves nerves, excitability and stress.


Horse First Exselent E
Horse First Exselent E. Vitamin E and selenium improves muscle and well-being. Increases muscle performance during or through development and relaxation.

From £21.59

Horse First Acid Aid
Horse First Acid Aid has been specially formulated for gut health. It settles excess acid to soothe the stomach, aid acid control and help normal gut function.

From £93.99

Horse First Keep Me Sound
Horse First Keep Me Sound. The big all-in-one supplement, suitable for any horse from foal to veteran. All the essentials your horse needs for total health.

From £23.49

Horse First B Well
Horse First B Well. The complete appetite stimulant for fussy eaters to fit racehorses. Rebalances the digestive system, stimulates the reproduction of natural flora and enables the horse to utilise feed more efficiently.

From £16.19

Horse First My Joints
Horse First My Joints. Three-way mobility supplement with glucosamine for proven mobility, vitamin C for anti-oxidant protection of joint fluids and sepolite and liquorice for increased effective uptake.

From £21.89

Horse First MuscleGro
MuscleGro contains a blend of high quality amino acids and primary proteins for the production and protection of muscle in horses.

From £42.29

Horse First Vital V 1L
Horse First Vital V 1L. A new multi-vitamin super supplement to allow your horse to reach its maximum potential. Providing each horse with the ten essential vitamins they require for optimum health and vitality, in quantities that will give immediate results.


Horse First My Muscle
Horse First My Muscle. Athletic muscle care supplement for use before and after competition. Enhances muscle metabolism, protects the immune system and effectively cleanses muscle toxins after performance.

From £19.29

Horse First Back to Form
Horse First Back to Form. The full vigour and strength supplement for horses that are weak and easily fatigued. For a lift following a hard race, competition or hunt, to increase enthusiasm or for a pick-up following illness, lay-off or injury.

From £18.79