Gold Label General Supplements for Horses

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Gold Label Timothy Fodder Bric 1kg
Compressed forage nutrients and boredom buster for equines and rabbits.


Gold Label Brewers Yeast
A natural source of B group vitamins which are essential for growth and a healthy nervous and digestive system.

From £10.75

Gold Label Molasses Liquid 5L
A highly palatable liquid to mix with feed. An essential food additive for ‘fussy’ eaters and those that need instant energy.


Gold Label Cod Liver Oil
A mixture of cod liver oil, marine oils and pure vegetable oil. A stabilised source of vitamins needed for general health and condition.

From £5.45

Gold Label Linseed Oil
A raw cold pressed oil for addition to feed to give a healthy shine to a horse's coat.

From £6.35

Gold Label Vitamin E 1000
Gold Label Vitamin E 1000 for Horses. Frees radical scavengers which are essential for the utilisation and metabolism of unsaturated fatty acids.

From £5.75

Gold Label Bute Free
A concentrated combination of three proven natural ingredients to help maintain healthy joints and muscles.

From £12.79

Gold Label Energy Shot B12 Oral Syringes (20ml x 3 syringes)
Gold Label Energy Shot for Horses 20ml x 3 syringes. A highly concentrated, ready to use vitamin B12 metabolic supplement.


Gold Label Salmon Oil
Gold Label Salmon Oil for Horses. For maintaining optimum immune status, health and fitness.

From £9.35

Gold Label Killkoff Herbal Syrup 250ml
Soothes irritated membranes and helps maintain the condition of the respiratory tract.


Gold Label Allergeze Plus
A natural combination for the nutritional support of the skin and coat.

From £14.85

Gold Label Three Oils
Gold Label Three Oils. For feeding to show stock and older animals to maintain healthy joints.

From £9.99

Gold Label Ready Linseed
Gold Label Ready Linseed. All the benefits of linseed without having to soak, simmer or boil.


Gold Label Limestone Flour 5kg
Add to feeds to balance the calcium/phosphorous ratio and for brood and lactating mares.


Gold Label Seaweed
Gold Label Seaweed for Horses. The complete natural mineral supplement for horses.

From £10.99

Gold Label Four Oils
For feeding to older animals to maintain healthy joints. Also as a support alongside Glucosamine prodcuts.

From £21.59

Gold Label Sulphur Powder 1kg
Gold Label Sulphur Powder 1kg. A useful product that can be used in various ways both internally and externally.


Gold Label Vitamin B12 500ml
Gold Label Vitamin B12 for Horses 500ml. Highly concentrated vitamin B12 metabolic supplement.


Dodson & Horrell Rapeseed Oil
The essential fatty acids in rapeseed oil not only support joints and skin, perfect for performance and show horses, but also promote fertility, healthy fetal development and colostrum quality in breeding horses.


Gold Label Collagen Joint Supplement
Can be added to any other joint supplement to optimise the absorption and enhance the speed and efficiency.


Gold Label Aloe Vera Juice
Gold Label Aloe Vera Juice for Horses. Helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract, together with a healthy kidney and bladder.


Gold Label Equidyne
Maintains the condition of the skeletal system, especially joints and muscles.