Global Herbs Digestion

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Global Herbs Turmeric GOLD for Horses 1.8kg
This high-quality, pure powdered root is mixed with black pepper to help aid absorption. Turmeric is known to have strong soothing properties and supports digestion, skin and joints.


Global Herbs BlackSalt 2kg
BlackSalt is known to be a great digestive tonic and source of trace minerals. It is a useful soother of bowel function and itchy skin conditions.


Global Herbs Firmup
FirmUp helps to maintain normal and healthy droppings. FirmUp works quickly to encourage firmer stools. This natural herbal supplement has a gentle and soothing action which supports the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

From £15.89

Global Herbs Restore Liquid for Horses
Global Herbs Restore Liquid is the ultimate liver tonic. Restore Liquid’s premium herbal blend helps to cleanse your horse by supporting the liver and digestive system. This quick-acting, palatable formula helps to maintain peak condition, support efficient digestion and increase coat shine and colour.

From £43.65

Global Herbs Fennel Seeds for Horses
Global Herbs Fennel Seeds is known to help with horses who are susceptible to gas and bloating. Fennel offers natural and effective comfort and supports normal digestion.


Global Herbs ClearOut for Horses
Global Herbs ClearOut for Horses. Psyllium husks are an excellent bowel cleanser helping keep your horse clear of build-up of undesirable material which can cause discomfort and concern.


Global Herbs GlobalVite Powder for Horses
Global Herbs GlobalVite is packed full of premium and unique chelated (protein bound) minerals which makes them easy for your horse’s body to absorb. These important minerals are ideal for supporting general bodily functions, maintaining peak condition and immune system stability.

From £32.79

Global Herbs Acid-X for Horses
Acid-X is a premium gastric soothing formula. This unique blend of high-quality herbs help to maintain normal acid levels and stomach function. Acid-X helps to maintain a stable stomach lining and assists with food utilisation which allows horses to take in food more comfortably and safely.


Global Herbs PreBioHerb for Horses
Global Herbs PreBioHerb for Horses. A concentrated formula which supplies the micro-nutrients that your horse needs while also providing herbs to help the micro-organisms in the gut work effectively.