Global Herbs

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Global Herbs FlaxOil
FlaxOil is known to be a well known source of important Omega 3 and 6 oils. It helps maintain skin condition, body defences and suppleness.


Global Herbs Alphabute Super
AlphaBute Super is a fast-acting, soothing supplement which aids the body’s natural recovery process.

From £12.19

Global Herbs SuperCalm Powder
SuperCalm provides a fast, complete and natural approach to calming. This specially formulated mix helps to calm worry and nervousness in any form and promotes relaxed, good behaviour.

From £17.45

Global Herbs LamiPro Liquid
LamiPro Liquid is an advanced, fast acting and unique nutritional approach for horses’ sensitive laminae.

From £21.49

Global Herbs AirwayPlus Powder
AirwayPlus helps to keep chests clear, soothe throats and irritation. This premium breathing supplement maintains mucus levels and bacterial balance.


Global Herbs Psyllium 1kg
Global Herbs Psyllium husks help to keep your horses bowels clear of sand build up and debris.


Global Herbs PolleneX Powder
PolleneX offers soothing comfort from irritating airborne particles. Specifically designed to support the respiratory system, this highly effective herbal blend can be used all year round - for high pollen count in summer and dusty stables in winter.

From £39.95

Global Herbs Firmup
FirmUp helps to maintain normal and healthy droppings. FirmUp works quickly to encourage firmer stools. This natural herbal supplement has a gentle and soothing action which supports the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

From £17.99

Global Herbs Fennel Seeds for Horses
ennel is known to help with horses who are susceptible to gas and bloating. Fennel offers natural and effective comfort and supports normal digestion.


Global Herbs Brewers Yeast 1kg
Brewers Yeast is a naturally occuring yeast used in the brewing of beer. It is known to be an excellent source of trace minerals and rich in protein, selenium and complex B vitamins.


Global Herbs ImmuPlus
ImmuPlus is an effective nutritional supplement which provides the immune system with essential support. Ideal for use when horses are feeling out-of-sorts, after vaccinations or for post-operative care.


Global Herbs ClearOut
ClearOut has a gentle and soothing action which encourages the bowels to clear out food material and debris.


Global Herbs Fenugreek for Horses
Fenugreek seeds are known to be useful as an aid to muscle function and can be used to help fussy eaters gain better appetite.


Global Herbs LamiPro Powder
LamiPro is an advanced formula which supports the feeding management of horses.


Global Herbs MuscleUp
MuscleUp uses a traditional formula to help horses put on muscle and topline quickly and easily.


Global Herbs AirwayPlus Liquid
Airway Plus helps to keep chests clear, soothe throats and irritation. This premium breathing supplement maintains mucus levels and bacteria balance.


Global Herbs HerbalCalm
HerbalCalm is an effective, magnesium-free calming supplement. As well as encouraging calm behaviour, this premium blend offers muscle support, help to enhance stamina and reduce over-excitement.


Global Herbs Skratch
Skratch is a powerful herbal formula, designed to soothe and comfort itching and support the digestive system.


Global Herbs IronAid for Horses
IronAid is a unique form of iron complexed with fulvic acid. Iron is known to be highly important for normal red blood cells.


Global Herbs Acid-X for Horses
Acid-X is a premium gastric soothing formula. This unique blend of high-quality herbs help to maintain normal acid levels and stomach function.


Global Herbs Veteran Plus
A dynamic first class combination of herb extracts maintaining peak condition in all horses and ponies over 16 years of age.


Global Herbs StrongBone
The herbs in StrongBone go a long way to ensure a perfect balance between the need for Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus – the most important minerals for skeletal development.


Global Herbs TendonEaze for Horses
TendonEaze offers advanced nutritional support for tendons.


Global Herbs Mud-X Powder
Mud-X is a unique and strong formula which helps to support the skin condition of horses in muddy conditions.


Global Herbs Rebuilder
This traditional formula is a great help if horses need extra nutrition after a period of difficulty with their sensitive laminae.


Global Herbs Gut Support for Horses
Gut Support is a sophisticated prebiotic herbal supplement which encourages healthy digestion, normal droppings and appetite.


Global Herbs FriskyMare Plus for Horses
FriskyMare Plus is a traditional herbal formula designed to help with the behaviour and comfort of cycling mares.


Global Herbs Hocks
Hocks helps to maintain optimum comfort, bone strength and lubrication in the hock joint. This advanced herbal formula supports hocks that are susceptible to stiffness.


Global Herbs Ti-Free for Horses 1kg
A traditional formula designed to maintain normal muscle function. Provides an antioxidant type action while soothing and calming too.