Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for Horses

We stock a great range of vitamin supplements for horses which meet all the nutritional benefits for your horse together with a range of mineral supplements for horses to help keep your horse in the healthiest condition. Check out our full range below.

Hilton Herbs Himalayan Rock Salt Mini 750g
The Himalayan Salt Lick Mini for horses is hand made to fit in your stable Likit holder, this 750g salt lick may help with stable boredom and stress.

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Gold Label Energy Shot B12 Oral Syringes (20ml x 3 syringes)
Gold Label Energy Shot for Horses 20ml x 3 syringes. A highly concentrated, ready to use vitamin B12 metabolic supplement.


NAF Slim 3.3kg
For those horses and ponies who live on fresh air, it can be a struggle to keep their weight under control. The obvious answer is to reduce their feed intake, however, this could result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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Dodson & Horrell Ultimate Balancer 10kg
Dodson & Horrell Ultimate Balancer is a comprehensive, high specification, low calorie feed balancer suitable for all horses and ponies whatever their workload, including laminitics and breeding stock.


Lincoln Liquid Garlic 1L
Lincoln Liquid Garlic 1L. Packed with natural goodness! Contains pure garlic oil blended with linseed oil, which are both readily absorbed.


Kossolian Blood Salts for Horses 1kg
Kossolian Blood Salts for Horses 1kg. A carefully balanced blend of iodised minerals with iron, salts, trace elements, vitamin B12 and spices for added palatability.

Item #: KOS1 
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Brinicombe Think Itch
Brinicombe Think Itch. The dual acting formulation helps to deter biting midges whilst soothing skin reactions. Contains only natural ingredients to maintain a healthy immune system and protect the horse from the effects of midge attack.

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Global Herbs Restore Liquid for Horses
Global Herbs Restore Liquid is the ultimate liver tonic. Restore Liquid’s premium herbal blend helps to cleanse your horse by supporting the liver and digestive system. This quick-acting, palatable formula helps to maintain peak condition, support efficient digestion and increase coat shine and colour.

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Lincoln Linseed Pellets 2.5kg
Lincoln Linseed Pellets 2.5kg.Full of natural goodness. Will enhance general wellbeing when used as part of a balanced feeding regime.


Gold Label Allergeze Plus
A natural combination for the nutritional support of the skin and coat.

From £14.85

Global Herbs Brewer's Yeast 1kg
Brewers Yeast is a naturally occuring yeast used in the brewing of beer. It is known to be an excellent source of trace minerals and rich in protein, selenium and complex B vitamins.


NAF Oilovite
A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, blended with soya, linseed and hemp oils for general health and a glossy coat.

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TopSpec All In One
The means that it is the most fully comprehensive supplement you can buy and it can successfully be fed to every horse or pony on your yard.

From £34.15

Gold Label Salmon Oil for Horses
Gold Label Salmon Oil for Horses. For maintaining optimum immune status, health and fitness.

From £9.35

Lincoln Cod Liver Oil & Garlic
Lincoln Cod Liver Oil & Garlic. For improved general health and condition.

From £9.35

Global Herbs Sarc-Ex for Horses
Global Herbs Sarc-Ex is an advanced and unique formula which provides nutritional support for the immune system of horses. The strong antioxidant herbs help the body cope while maintaining normal structure and function.

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Gold Label Three Oils for Horses
Gold Label Three Oils for Horses. For feeding to show stock and older animals to maintain healthy joints.

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Barrier Aloe Vera Juice 500ml
Barrier Aloe Vera Juice 500ml. A multi-ingredient food additive for good all-round maintenance of equine health.

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Equimins Milk Thistle Liquid Herbal Tincture 1L
Milk Thistle is often recommended for liver support and cleansing, but its herbal power goes far beyond the health of the liver.


Gold Label Seaweed for Horses
Gold Label Seaweed for Horses. The complete natural mineral supplement for horses.

From £10.99

Horse First Cuppra
Horse First Cuppra. The ultimate copper top-up to bring the coat back to life. High copper availability for coat and conditioning.

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Equimins Milk Thistle Herb
Milk Thistle is often recommended for liver support and cleansing, but its herbal power goes far beyond the health of the liver.

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TopSpec TopChop Zero 12.5kg
TopChop Zero is a natural product made from British chopped oat straw with added apple flavour and mint to enhance palatability.


Gold Label Killkoff Herbal Syrup for Horses 250ml
Soothes irritated membranes and helps maintain the condition of the respiratory tract.


Gold Label Ready Linseed for Horses
Gold Label Ready Linseed for Horses. All the benefits of linseed without having to soak, simmer or boil.


Gold Label Limestone Flour for Horses 5kg
Add to feeds to balance the calcium/phosphorous ratio and for brood and lactating mares.


Gold Label Sulphur Powder 1kg
Gold Label Sulphur Powder 1kg. A useful product that can be used in various ways both internally and externally.


Global Herbs Fennel Seeds for Horses
Global Herbs Fennel Seeds is known to help with horses who are susceptible to gas and bloating. Fennel offers natural and effective comfort and supports normal digestion.

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Dodson & Horrell Rapeseed Oil
The essential fatty acids in rapeseed oil not only support joints and skin, perfect for performance and show horses, but also promote fertility, healthy fetal development and colostrum quality in breeding horses.


Super Supplement Cod Liver Oil with Garlic
A potent natural combination, supplying high levels of vitamins A & D plus traces of the B group and vitamin C.

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Battles Stockaline 500ml
Battles Stockaline 500ml. An all purpose health drench for use in horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats.

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Dodson & Horrell Uniblock 12.5kg
Dodson & Horrell Uniblock 12.5kg. A high specification vitamin and mineral block ideal for studs and competition yards.


Horslyx Original 15kg
Horslyx Original Balancer is a palatable, nutrient rich lick containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing.


Horse First Keep Me Sound
KeepMESound nurtures and cares for joints, hooves, coat, skin and assists the digestive system, giving all round help and support in a scoop. This maintenance supplement is an essential addition for optimum health.


Horse First Omega D Oil
Omega D Oil is a cold-pressed flax seed oil with added Vitamin D, 'the sunshine vitamin'. It contains the correct balance of Omegas 3, 6 and 9, which are known as Essential Fatty Acids. These Omega Fatty Acids CANNOT be naturally produced by your horse.

From £21.60

Science Supplement Pure Linseed Oil 5L
High in beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, it supports general health and is ideal for a healthy coat, skin and for gaining condition in a safe way.


Gold Label Vitamin B12 for Horses 500ml
Gold Label Vitamin B12 for Horses 500ml. Highly concentrated vitamin B12 metabolic supplement.


Hilton Herbs Apple Cider Vinegar & Garlic
Our same high quality apple cider vinegar with an infusion of the finest quality garlic juice, to give your horse the benefits of these two daily supplements

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Processed high calcium - ideal for foals, young stock and lactating mares.

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Selenavite E 1.5kg
Concentrated blend of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.


Equistro Mega Base
Basic vitamin and mineral supply for breeding and sport horses, particularly in brood mares prior to foaling. Can be fed on its own or combined with other Equistro products.

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NAF Mint 500g
Loved by all horses, the pleasant aroma and taste of mint makes it an ideal appetite stimulant for fussy or shy feeders.

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Brinicombe Think TLC
Brinicombe Think TLC for Horses. A unique supplement to improve and maintain hoof quality, breathing, coat condition, digestion and general health. Improves palatability and reduces dust.

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Lincoln Garlic, Parsley & Linseed Oil
Lincoln Garlic, Parsley & Linseed Oil. An easily absorbed form of beneficial garlic and parsley in nutritious linseed oil. For all round wellbeing and vitality.

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Global Herbs Fenugreek for Horses
Global Herbs Fenugreek seeds are known to be useful as an aid to muscle function and can be used to help fussy eaters gain better appetite. Fenugreek can help horses to gain weight and condition.


Equilibrium Simplyboost ENERGY 500ml
Equilibrium Simplyboost ENERGY 500ml. A targeted boost of vitamin B12 to support the production of energy in the body, making it ideal to maintain energy levels during competition, or for horses and ponies that need an extra boost when feeling fatigued after hard work or travelling.


Dodson & Horrell Glow & Show 1kg
Glow & Show contains a wonderful combination of herbs with skin healing and coat promoting properties, including Red Clover, Nettle, Whole Fenugreek, Marigold, Golden Rod, Seaweed and Mint.


IronXcell is an iron-enriched, multi-vitamin feed supplement with the addition of Siberian Ginseng for maximum energy, health and vitality.

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Gold Label Collagen Joint Supplement
Can be added to any other joint supplement to optimise the absorption and enhance the speed and efficiency.

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Horslyx Respiratory 15kg
Horslyx Respiratory Balancer is designed to provide a unique two-pronged approach in supporting a healthy respiratory system.

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