Flea Tablets for Cats

Flea tablets for cats are available as products that either kill biting fleas or some such as program break the life cycle by stopping viable eggs being produced. For a complete list of products for cats please go to our Flea Treatments for Cats department.
Capstar Flea Tablets
Highly effective tablet for flea infestations on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

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Bob Martin Clear Flea 11.4mg Tablets for Cats, Small Dogs & Puppies under 11kg (pack of 3)
Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets for Cats, Small Dogs and Puppies kills fleas fast, giving your pet some quick relief from the discomforts associated with fleas. Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets will provide immediate relief to your pet for 24 hours, however, if treating for a flea infestation, additional treatment such as Bob Martin Clear Spot On will be required to completely eliminate the pests.

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Program flea Suspension for Cats
For the prevention and lasting control of flea infestation and the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis in cats

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