Fireworks and Pets including Dogs & Cats

As we head towards the time of year most stressful for our pets such as dogs and cats as well as for horses, and small animals. Guy Fawkes or Bonfire night is a time of fun but it can be terrifying for pets. Here at Hyperdrug we are often asked how to deal with nervous and anxious pets. As a result we have decided to feature some products to help with the stress of dogs & fireworks. Try calming tablets for dogs.

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Zylkene Capules
Zylkène is a novel, natural product, which is proven to help manage stress in dogs and cats.

Item #: ZYLKENE 
(18 reviews)

From £9.45 Incl. Vat

VetSpec Calm & Focused
VetSpec Calm & Focused is ideal for all dogs to help reduce anxiety, help improve focus and obedience, reduce fear of loud noises and help with separation anxiety. Its formulation includes Tryptophan, Probiotics and Magnesium.

(6 reviews)

From £16.99 Incl. Vat

Feliway Diffuser
Feliway diffuser can help prevent cats urinating and scratching on furnishings which can be the result of anxiety and stress.

Item #: FELIWAY 
(17 reviews)

From £19.59 Incl. Vat

VetIQ Serene UM Xtra Calming Tablets (20-60kg) pack of 60
VetIQ Serene-UM is formulated with natural ingredients for hyperactive or nervous dogs. It has been recommended by veterinarians to ensure your pet remains calm during periods of stress and anxiety without having a sedative effect.

Item #: SERENEX 
(3 reviews)

£12.59 Incl. Vat

Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar
Help your dog to calm & adapt even when outdoors. The effective, non-drug solution to comfort dogs in stressful situations.

(7 reviews)

From £21.39 Incl. Vat

Adaptil Calm Refill
Use ADAPTIL Calm Refill every month to continue to help your dog to calm and adapt at home, in situations like staying alone, loud noises, visitors and fears.

(6 reviews)

£19.59 Incl. Vat

Lintbells YuCALM Tablets For Dogs
YuCALM Dog’s natural, scientifically proven ingredients help your dog cope with stress. It’s ideal for pets who are fearful of fireworks, other dogs, strangers, and other triggers.

From £11.55 Incl. Vat

EasiVet Canikalm Powder 100g
Canikalm Powder 100g. Calms without sedation contains extract from the herb Valerian. Essential for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

(1 reviews)

£4.29 Incl. Vat

Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets for Cats and Dogs
Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets for Cats and Dogs. A traditional herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of anxiety, nervousness, excitability and travel sickness, and an adjunct in the treatment of epilepsy in dogs and cats.

(4 reviews)

From £11.79 Incl. Vat

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser
ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser is an excellent solution to help your dog stay calm and adapt at home, in situations like staying alone, loud noises, visitors and fears.

Item #: DAPDIFF 
(4 reviews)

£23.35 Incl. Vat

VetIQ Serene UM Calming tablets for cats and dogs
VetIQ Serene-UM is formulated with natural ingredients for hyperactive or nervous cats and dogs.

Item #: SERENE 
(7 reviews)

From £5.85 Incl. Vat

ProDen KalmAid Tablets for Cats and Dogs (pack of 30)
ProDen KalmAid Tablets is a complementary feed for highly-strung or anxious cats and dogs.

Item #: KALMAID 
(2 reviews)

£13.25 Incl. Vat

Feliway Spray
Feliway Spray can be applied to sofas and other scratching objects such as curtains to help prevent cats from scratching and spraying which is often as a result of anxiety.

(1 reviews)

From £9.99 Incl. Vat

Adaptil Transport Spray 60ml
Adaptil offers a natural, convenient and unique solution to canine stress, helping comfort and reassure dogs in challenging situations and prevent or reduce stress-related inappropriate behaviours.

(2 reviews)

£22.35 Incl. Vat

VBS Calming Capsules (Pack of 50)
A Formula Designed to Calm and Soothe.

£24.99 Incl. Vat

Dorwest Organic Valerian Compound for Dogs and Cats
Dorwest Organic Valerian Compound for Dogs and Cats. Easy to administer and acts quickly to calm and control hyperactivity and anxiety in both dogs and cats.

(2 reviews)

From £11.89 Incl. Vat

Hilton Herbs Tranquility Gold for dogs
To support and maintain a healthy and balanced nervous system and calm outlook. Recommended for excitable, rescue, tense, nervous or sensitive dogs. Will not dope or sedate your dog.

From £11.35 Incl. Vat

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief 15ml
Homeopathic medicine for relief of general anxiety in pets. Vet/grooming visits, kenneling and shows. Separation from familiar surroundings, introduction of new pets and most stressful situations causing barking, whining, crying, hiding, shaking and feather plucking in birds.

£9.29 Incl. Vat

HomeoPet Fireworks 15ml
Homeopathic medicine provides relief from fear of: Fireworks, Wind, Loud Noises, Gunshots. Restless, anxious and unwanted behavior can be helped with this fast acting, non-sedating liquid.

£9.25 Incl. Vat

ProDen KalmAid Liquid for Cats and Dogs 250ml
ProDen KalmAid Liquid is an effective and fast acting liquid which promotes relaxation in situations such as lighting, thunder, firecrackers etc, anxiety due to separation from owner or new environment, fear of travel or unwanted unruly behaviour.

£13.25 Incl. Vat

VetIQ Serene UM Calm Drops for cats & dogs 100ml
VetIQ Serene UM Calm Drops for cats & dogs have been formulated for hyperactive, aggressive or nervous dogs and cats. Recommended by Veterinarians to calm and de-stress your pet.

£7.19 Incl. Vat

Wendals Liquid Dog Calmer
Wendals Dog Liquid Calmer. This liquid blend is recommended to calm and relax nervous or excitable dogs.

Item #: WENDLC 
(1 reviews)

From £17.95 Incl. Vat

VBS Calming Liquid 120ml
VBS Liquid Calming is an innovative, salmon flavored formula for small dogs and cats exhibiting nervousness, anxiety or aggression.

£26.19 Incl. Vat

Wendals Dog Calmer
This is a mixture to help relax dogs. With well known herbs like Chamomile and Valerian, this blend is recommended for excitable, nervous or fretful types.

Item #: WENDC 
(2 reviews)

From £12.89 Incl. Vat

Sounds CD
Use of the Sounds CD is a proven technique for the treatment and prevention of sound phobias.

£8.05 Incl. Vat

Calmex Dog (pack of 120)
A calming supplement to help manage stress and anxiety, Calmex is fast acting and consists of a specially blended feed to help promote relaxed behaviour in dogs and cats experiencing behavioural problems as a result of their environment.

£96.39 Incl. Vat

EasiVet Tranquil X Liquid For Cats & Dogs 120ml
A complementary feed supplement designed to aid in the management of anxious cats & dogs. A calming remedy to help relieve anxiety in cats & dogs.

Item #: TRANQX 
(5 reviews)

£19.95 Incl. Vat

Feliscratch by Feliway (9 x 5ml Pipettes)
Feliscratch by Feliway provides a simple answer to cats unwanted scratching in the home.

£18.09 Incl. Vat