Farnam Horse Care

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Tri-Tec 14 Insecticide
Spray your stable and lorry to help prevent the carriers of infectious diseases, such as flies, ticks and lice, from attacking your horse.

From £27.85 Incl. Vat

Sealtex Latex Bandage
Sealtex is the only bandage which is completely unaffected by water.

£10.75 Incl. Vat

Icetight 24 Hour Poultice
This effective 24-hour leg clay needs one application and can be used instead of tubbing, icing or hosing. It contains natural clays, glycerine and aloe vera. It washes off easily with water.

From £23.89 Incl. Vat

Cough Free 454g
Helps with colds, heaves (broken wind) and allergies. 100% natural formula of herbs and minerals developed by an Amish horse expert.


SimpliFly with LarvaStop is a highly palatable feed additive to prevent the development of stable flies and house flies in the manure of treated horses.

From £54.09

Vetrolin Liniment 946ml
Invigorating, aromatic embrocation with a hint of green soap and five essential oils to help relieve minor stiffness, soreness and inflammation. It helps to stimulate the blood flow to sore fetlocks, knees and tendons.

£28.99 Incl. Vat

B-Kalm Paste 34g
Single dose to help horses stay calm.


Vetrolin Bath Shampoo
Vetrolin Bath Shampoo for Horses. A superior conditioning and cleaning shampoo which produces a luxurious lather that floats dirt and dandruff away.

From £29.99 Incl. Vat

Weight Builder
Contains twice the calories of regular concentrates without the added risks of overfeeding.

From £57.99

Laser Sheen 946ml
Premium hair polish that highlights your horse's coat to emphasize & define. Contains aloe gel for soft, shiny & manageable mane & tails.

£26.59 Incl. Vat

Quitt 1.7kg
Highly palatable feed supplement provides essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to satisfy a horse's nutritional requirements and eliminate the urge to chew wood.


Electro Dex
Supplies the mineral salts that active horses may lose in sweat during training or competition and is a cherry flavoured micro-blend for use in feed or drinking water.

From £28.29

Super 14
Contains protein, methionine, vegetable fat, fiber, ash, selenium, vitamins A, E and B-6. Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids plus vitamin E and vitamin B-6 to leave skin healthy, coats sleek and glossy

From £31.59