Eukanuba Urinary

Eukanuba Urinary is a veterinary diet for cats available in dry or wet tinned food. Available as oxalate or struvite formulas Eukanuba Urinary can help to manage conditions as a result of either respectively lower or higher urinary PH. Helping to maintain a healthy bodyweight in cats Eukanuba Urinary has moderate fat and calorie levels. Eukanuba Urinary Struvite contains low magnesium levels the building blocks of struvite crystals. Eukanuba Oxalate contains potassium citrate to help raise urinary PH levels and omega fatty acids to help nutritionally reduce inflammation at the cellular level.
Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Urinary Oxalate for cats
Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Urinary Oxalate Cat Food. Oxalate Urinary is a complete cat food specially formulated to reduce the risk of calcium oxalate stone formation in cats.

£12.09 Incl. Vat