Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Target species
Horses and donkeys.

Indications for use
The product is indicated for the treatment of parasitic infestations in horses and donkeys due to:
Large Strongyles Strongylus vulgaris (adults and arterial larval stages)
S. edentatus (adults and tissue larval stages)
S. equinus (adults)
Triodontophorus spp. (adults)
Triodontophorus brevicauda
Triodontophorus serratus
Craterostomum acuticaudatum (adults)
Small Strongyles
Adult and immature (fourth stage larvae) small strongyles or cyathostomes, including benzimidazole-resistant strains:
Coronocyclus spp.
Coronocyclus coronatus
Coronocyclus labiatus
Coronocyclus labratus
Cyathostomum spp.
Cyathostomum catinatum
Cyathostomum pateratum
Cylicocyclus spp.
Cylicocyclus ashworthi
Cylicocyclus elongatus
Cylicocyclus insigne
Cylicocyclus leptostomum
Cylicocyclus nassatus
Cylicocyclus radiatus
Cylicostephanus spp.
Cylicostephanus asymetricus
Cylicostephanus bidentatus
Cylicostephanus calicatus
Cylicostephanus goldi
Cylicostephanus longibursatus
Cylicostephanus minutus
Cylicodontophorus spp.
Cylicodontophorus bicornatus
Gyalocephalus capitatus
Parapoteriostomum spp.
Parapoteriostomum euproctus
Parapoteriostomum mettami
Petrovinema spp.
Petrovinema poculatum
Poteriostomum spp.
Poteriostomum imparidentatum
Lungworms (adult and immatures)
Dictyocaulus arnfieldi
Pinworms (adult and immatures)
Oxyuris equi
Ascarids (adults and third and fourth stage larvae)
Parascaris equorum
Hairworms (adults)
Trichostrongylus axei
Large-mouth stomach worms (adults)
Habronema muscae
Neck threadworms (microfilariae)
Onchocerca spp.
Intestinal threadworms (adults)
Strongyloides westeri
Stomach bots
Oral and gastric stages of Gastrophilus spp.

The product has been formulated for use in horses and donkeys only. Dogs and cats may be adversely affected by the concentration of ivermectin in this product if they are allowed to ingest spilled paste or have access to used syringes.
Special warnings for each target species
Care should be taken to avoid the following practices because they increase the risk of development of resistance and could ultimately result in ineffective therapy:
- Too frequent and repeated use of anthelmintics from the same class, over an extended period of time.
- Underdosing, which may be due to underestimation of body weight, misadministration of the product, or lack of calibration of the dosing device.
Suspected clinical cases of resistance to anthelmintics should be further investigated using appropriate tests (e.g. Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test). Where the results of the test(s) strongly suggest resistance to a particular anthelmintic, an anthelmintic belonging to another pharmacological class and having a different mode of action should be used.
Resistance to macrocyclic lactones (which includes ivermectin) has been reported in Parascaris equorum in horses in a number of countries within the EU. Therefore, the use of this product should be based on local (regional, farm) epidemiological information about susceptibility of gastrointestinal nematodes and recommendations on how to limit further selection for resistance to anthelmintics.

Special precautions for use in animals
No special precautions are required.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the product
Do not smoke, eat or drink while handling the product. Wash hands after use. This product may cause skin and eye irritation. Therefore, the user should avoid contact of the product with the skin and the eyes. In the case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water. In the case of accidental ingestion or eye irritation after contact seek medical advice immediately and show the package insert or the label to the physician.

Adverse reactions
Some horses carrying heavy infection of Onchocerca microfilariae have experienced oedema and pruritus following dosing, assumed to be the result of death of large numbers of microfilariae. These signs resolve within a few days but symptomatic treatment may be advisable.

Use during pregnancy, lactation or lay
Horses and donkeys of all ages, including pregnant mares and breeding stallions, have been treated with no adverse effect.

The product has been used in conjunction with other equine health care products and no interactions have been identified.

Amounts to be administered and administration route
Administer orally to both horses and donkeys at the recommended dose level of 0.2 mg ivermectin per kilogram of bodyweight. Each syringe delivers 120 mg ivermectin, sufficient to treat 600 kg of bodyweight.
To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible; accuracy of the dosing device should be checked.

Dosing instructions
Each weight marking on the syringe plunger will deliver sufficient paste to treat 100 kg bodyweight. Unlock the knurled ring by making a ¼ turn and slide the knurled ring up the plunger shaft so that the side nearest the barrel is at the prescribed weight marking. Turn the knurled ring ¼ turn to lock in place. Remove the plastic cap from the tip of the nozzle. Make sure the horse’s mouth contains no feed. Insert the syringe into the horse’s mouth at the interdental space. Advance the plunger as far as it will go, depositing the medication on the base of the tongue.

Parasite control program
All horses and donkeys should be included in a regular parasite control program, with particular attention being paid to mares, foals and yearlings. Foals should be treated initially at 6 to 8 weeks of age, and routine treatment repeated as appropriate.
The product is highly effective against gastrointestinal, cutaneous and pulmonary nematodes and bots of horses. Regular treatment will reduce the chances of verminous arteritis and colic caused by Strongylus vulgaris. With its broad spectrum, the product is well suited to be the major medication in parasite control programs and the major component in a rotational program.

Mild transitory signs (slowed pupillary light response and depression) have been seen at a dose of 1.8 mg/kg (9 times the recommended dose level). Other signs seen at higher doses include mydriasis, ataxia, tremors, stupor, coma and death. The less severe signs have been transitory. No antidote has been identified; however, symptomatic therapy may be beneficial.

Withdrawal periods
Donkeys – meat: 21 days
Horses – meat: 21 days

Eqvalan contains Ivermectin and is effective against most common worms except tapeworm and encysted small redworms. It treats lungworm in horses and donkeys. A dose for Bots is best given after a hard frost has killed the last bot flies ie around Christmas.

Do not use in sick or neglected horses.
Suitable for foals from six weeks of age, no adverse effects reported in pregnant mares, donkeys or breeding stallions.

Dosing needs to be repeated every 8 - 10 weeks.

Eqvalan is not available as granules.
If tapeworm cover is needed Eqvalan Duo, Pramox, or if you do not wish to give a single dose wormer a 'double dose wormer' may be given at the beginning and end of the grazing season. In addition Panacur Guard or Equest may be given ideally in
November for encycsted small redworms.

One tube treats 600kg

For additional tapeworm coverage use Eqvalan Duo from 2 months of age.

Eqvalan and Eqvalan Duo treat more species of stages of parasite than any other spring & autumn and summer & winter wormers respectively.

Worming Strategy:
* Determinethe worm burden of each horse to identify those needing treatment.

* Consider treating only those horses with a faecal worm egg count (WEC).

* In most groups, approximately 80% of the worm burden is carried by 20% of the horses.

* Each new horse should be wormed and quarantined for 24-48 hours before being turned out into pasture.

* Always use an accurate dose based on the horse's weight.  This can be done by using a calibrated weigh tape.

* Know the optimal time to treat key parasites.

* Horses from the same pasture should be treated individually, according to their worm count.


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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste


Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste


Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste


Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste


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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste

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