Redworm in Horses

Encysted small redworm in horses, It is the life cycle of the small redworm that we need to understand to get to grips with the encysted stage and to understand how horse wormers, good pasture management, and worm egg count tests can all play their part with this dangerous stage of small redworm.


While Panacur Equine Guard can treat the encysted redworm stage it is possible to also increase benzimidazole resistance but may be a suitable wormer if you do not know the horses worming history.

Equest and Pramox will treat encysted small redworm with no known resistance.


Equest Pramox Horse Wormer
Equest Pramox contains the same unique active ingredient as Equest Gel but the difference is it also contains the drug of choice for the control of tapeworm. Each tube of Equest Pramox treats 700kg. Equest Pramox will control Tapeworm for 6 months and the regular dosing interval is 13 weeks. Equest Pramox can be used on pregnant mares, as well as breeding and lactating mares. There is no clone alternative for Equest Pramox.

From £21.72 Incl. Vat

Equest Horse Wormer Gel
Equest has a unique two week persistent action and will treat a 700kg horse and has the longest dosing interval of any regular horse wormer at 13 weeks. Equest will treat pregnant and lactating mares, stallions and foals from four months of age but is not suitable for Donkeys.

From £13.69 Incl. Vat

Panacur Equine Guard Horse Wormer 225ml
Panacur Equine Guard liquid horse wormer is a five day course that treats encysted redworm in horses. Contains Fenbendazole. One bottle of Panacur Guard will treat 600kg body weight of horse. These horse wormers are suitable fo use in pregnant mares and young foals. Ideal in horses with an unknown worming history.

From £16.89 Incl. Vat

Panacur Liquid 10%
Panacur liquid wormer suspension can be put in the feed 1litre will treat 26 average size horses. Treats most roundworms and also kills worm eggs, 7.5ml per 100kg dosage, suitable for pregnant mares and foals. Suitable for cattle sheep and horses.

From £77.59 Incl. Vat