Drontal Wormers

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Drontal Wormers are formulated for dogs, cats and puppies.

Adult dogs may be treated with Drontal Plus tablets at a dose of one tablet per 10kg, this wormer is effective against tapeworm and roundworm, and no wormer is more effective. Although our own brand Easimax does contain the same ingredients and is a clone of Drontal. Drontal Plus cannot be used in pregnancy unless under the supervision of your veterinary surgeon. We would recommend Panacur 10% liquid dog wormer to be used from day 40 of pregnancy to two days post whelping for pregnant bitches. Drontal wormer tablets are beef flavoured, and can be used on puppies from two weeks of age, but cannot be used on dogs weighing less than 3kg.

Drontal XL for dogs worming tablets are useful for heavier animals, the tablets are scored, and one half a tablet will treat 17.5kg and one tablet 35kg bodyweight of dog, so for example, a dog weighing 17.5 kg use one tablet, a dog weighing 35kg use one tablet, and a dog weighing 52.5kg use one and a half tablets.

Drontal Puppy liquid is a suspension and is available in a 50ml and a 100ml, and is used, as it's name suggests, to worm puppies, from two weeks of age, every two weeks until the puppy is 12 weeks old. Drontal puppy liquid is effective against roundworm but not tapeworm This is not usually a problem as puppies are not born infected with tapeworm. Drontal liquid for puppies is not recommended to treat the bitch as the dose volume would be so high as to make this both difficult and expensive but Drontal tablets may be used, at the same time as the puppies are wormed, at usual dosing levels.

Drontal Cat wormer is a used at a dose of one tablet per 4kg but for larger cats  Drontal cat wormer XL may be used with a dose of one tablet per 6kg cat (approximately 13.2lbs).