Dodson & Horrell Herbal for Horses

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Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare
Stroppy Mare is a wonderful blend of Peony Petals, Raspberry Leaves, Chamomile, Vervain, St John’s Wort and Chaste Tree Berries, specially formulated to help calm your hormonal mare.

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Dodson & Horrell Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle has been used for over 2000 years for a variety of health concerns, but more recently has become a popular herb used to provide nutritional support for a healthy liver function.

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Dodson & Horrell Echinacea Dried Herb
Echinacea is a herb that belongs to the daisy family and has been valued for centuries for its medicinal qualities.

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Dodson & Horrell Hedgerow Herbs
Hedgerow Herbs is a delicious blend of Nettle, Oregano, Mint, Thyme, Rosehips, Dandelion and Red Clover.

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Dodson & Horrell Seaweed
Dodson & Horrell Seaweed. This natural supplement helps to condition the horse's coat and hooves while also being helpful at maintaining a natural health and immune system.

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Dodson & Horrell Chamomile 1kg
Dodson & Horrell Chamomile 1kg. Chamomile is very useful for horses and minor digestive problems including indigestion, acidity, gastritus, wind, bloating and colic.


Dodson & Horrell Mud Heel
A blend of herbs for the nutritional support of skin exposed to muddy conditions

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Dodson & Horrell Nettle
Dodson & Horrell Nettle. Nettles in a pure, dried form which can be fed to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. Encourages the dapples in animals coats.

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Dodson & Horrell Comfrey Cut Leaf
Comfrey's ability to promote the healing of bruises, sprains, fractures and broken bones has been known for thousands of years.

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Equimins Straight Herbs Chamomile Flowers 1kg
Natural calming and digestive aid.


Dodson & Horrell Tye Free 2kg
Dodson & Horrell Tye Free 2kg. A herbal support for horses prone to tying up and to nutritionally maintain healthy muscles.