Cuffleberry & Co Dog Food

At Cuffleberry & Co we understand that special bond you have with your pet. Theyre always there through the good and bad times, the tears and laughter. In a changing world you can always rely on your dog so its natural that you want to give them the best they deserve it! In our rural kitchen in the heart of England our nutritionists have prepared delicious, restaurant quality recipes. We use only specially selected, superior ingredients to create dishes with layers of succulent flavours and textures. Our recipes are enhanced with a pinch of aromatic herbs here, some juicy fruits or vegetables there, to give your special friend exquisite food that not only tastes great ,it looks and smells great too. Whats more with Cuffleberry & Co you are safe in the knowledge that what you are offering is the best you can get for your dog to enjoy.
Cuffleberry & Co Pork Ham Apple & Celery & Herbs 10 x 150g Alutrays
Cuffleberry & Co Pork, Ham, Apple & Celery with Herbs 150g x 10. A supremely tasty pork and ham recipe with sweet juicy apple pieces and refreshing celery chunks.

£11.89 Incl. Vat

Cuffleberry & Co Beef Venison Tomatoes & Parsnips 10 x 150g Alutray
Cuffleberry & Co Beef, Venison, Tomatoes & Parsnips 150g x 10. A delicious and satisfying feast for your loyal friend, the recipe is made with Beef and Venison.

£13.50 Incl. Vat

Cuffleberry & Co Beef Venison Apricots & Green Beans 6 x 390g Cans
Cuffleberry & Co Beef, Venison, Apricots & Green Beans 390g x 6. A delicious and satisfying feast for your loyal friend, this high-class recipe is made from tender beef and venison with a fruity apricot twist and a selection of green beans, carrots and a blend of herbs.

£14.29 Incl. Vat

Cuffleberry & Co Chicken Quail Sweetcorn & Mushrooms 6 x 400g Cans
Cuffleberry & Co Chicken, Quail Sweetcorn & Mushrooms 400g x 6. A combination of Chicken and Quail feature in this delicious recipe. It’s accompanied by appetising baby sweet corn and soft button mushrooms with a blend of aromatic herbs for the ultimate flavour sensation.

£14.29 Incl. Vat