Calmers for Horses

We stock a range of Calmers to help and settle nervous or excited horses without impairing performance. These range from our best seller NAF Five Star Instant Magic syringe, a single shot offering the calming power of Magic, taking effect in an hour and lasting all day, to Steady-Up Advance, a unique feed supplement that helps to maintain calm in horses and ponies without compromising performance. Please check out our full range below.


Confidence EQ for horses (single sachet)
A breakthrough in reducing stress from all causes in horses including travel, training and visits from Vet or Farrier. Confidence EQ contains a synthetic copy of the "Equine appeasing Pherormone" released by a Mare shortly after giving birth. This gives reassurance to both foals and adult horses that their environment is safe and secure.

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Zylkene Equine 1000mg
Zylkene Equine is a natural product that has been developed to help horses and ponies overcome difficult or stressful situations such as prolonged confinement, a new environment, new people or new horses, weaning, breaking, travelling, vet, farrier or dentist visits.

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Science Supplements ProKalm for horses 60g syringe
Science Supplements ProKalm for horses 60g syringe. ProKalm Syringes are an innovation in the treatment of anxiety, and they contain four key ingredients which help to ease nervousness and the calming effects can be seen within half an hour of consumption.


Science Supplements ProKalm for horses
Science Supplements ProKalm for horses. ProKalm is an innovation in managing anxiety and stress in horses and ponies allowing them to perform to their potential.

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NAF Five Star Instant Magic 30ml syringe
A single shot offering the calming power of Magic, taking effect in an hour and lasting all day.

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NAF Five Star Magic Calmer
NAF Five Star Magic Calmer is a magnesium calmer with a difference. It's a five-star formula and magnesium-based, but there's more. Magic also contains a unique combination of calming herbs and nutrients known to help relax muscles and support concentration.

Item #: MAGIC 
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Maxavita MaxaCalm 900g
Maxavita MaxaCalm 900g. A day-to-day calming supplement containing optimum levels of Magnesium and L-Tryptophan for a stress free horse.

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NAF Five Star Oestress
For the nutritional support of the hormonal system in mares. Recommended for mares who experience difficulties with their seasons, rendering them 'moody'.

Item #: OESTRESS1 
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Lincoln Valerian Cordial for horses
Lincoln Valerian Cordial for horses. The natural and calming benefits of Valerian in an easy to use and palatable liquid supplement.

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Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare
Stroppy Mare is a wonderful blend of Peony Petals, Raspberry Leaves, Chamomile, Vervain, St John’s Wort and Chaste Tree Berries, specially formulated to help calm your hormonal mare.

Item #: STROPPY 
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Net-Tex Calmer Syringe Paste Boost 30ml (pack of 3)
Nettex Calmer Syringe Paste Boost is a behavioural and travelling calmer to help reduce stress and anxiety in your horse and improve his concentration.

Item #: CALMERB 
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Dodson & Horrell Placid
Placid is a calming blend of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Vervain, Magnesium and Lime Flowers which have been thoughtfully put together for horses with behavioural issues.

Item #: PLACID 
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Audevard Zzen Flash 60ml
Zzen Flash is a calming paste from Audevard, formulated to provide stress relief in particularly stressful situations.


NAF Five Star Magic Liquid
Magic Liquid is formulated with magnesium and herbs in the same unique combination as in Magic Powder. In Magic Liquid the active ingredients have already been extracted from the herbs, making them more readily available for absorption. This enables Magic Liquid to go to work fast to calm your anxious or excitable horse.

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Calmex Equine Sachets (pack of 24)
Calmex® Equine is a specially blended, complementary feed designed to be fed to nervous, anxious or temperamental horses.

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Horse First RelaxMe Horse Calmer
Horse First RelaxMe Horse Calmer. Two-way calming and settling supplement which settles the stomach and digestive tract and relieves nerves, excitability and stress.

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TopSpec Calmer
TopSpec Calmer is a powdered additive designed to be fed to horses and ponies with anxious temperaments, particularly those that cannot cope with stressful situations. It is a palatable, apple-flavoured product designed to be mixed into the feed daily.

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Tranquil E for Horses
Tranquil E for Horses. A herbal liquid supplement which is prepared from the root of the valerian plant and has a natural calming effect without removing competitiveness.

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AnxiKalm Compete Equine Powder 1.2kg
The key ingredient of AnxiKalm Compete is L-Tryptophan, this is an amino acid that is conver ted to serotonin in the body. Combined with Vitamin B it is known to decrease anxiety and reduce the feelings that create stress.

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Dodson & Horrell Perfect Gentleman
Dodson & Horrell Perfect Gentleman. This supplement contains a blend of herbs that support gelding's nutritionally when you are experiencing behaviour related problems because of their hormones.

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Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare Liquid
Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare Liquid. A wonderful blend of peony petals, raspberry leaves, chamomile, vervain, St John's wort and chaste tree berries, which has been formulated to help calm your hormonal mare.

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Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected Gold
Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected Gold is a herbal supplement for use when a quicker absorption is required to help your horse maintain a calm, healthy and balanced nervous system.

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Audevard Zzen 1L
Zzen is a nutritional support for increased requirements in anxious and «hot» horses, or horses unnerved by training, travelling and competitions.


Lincoln Platinum Pro Mag 5 Calmer 1.4kg
Lincoln Platinum Pro Mag 5 Calmer 1.4kg. The first calmer to use 5 different sources of magnesium, including both chelated magnesium and magnesium aspartate which are both more readily absorbed.


Animalife Equine Oxyshot For Horses
Oxyshot contains no banned substances and is ideal for horses prone to excitement, tension, spookiness and unwanted behaviour during stressful situations such as competitions and transportation.

From £12.99

Animalife Vetrocalm Intense Instant Syringe For Horses
Vetrocalm Intense INSTANT is a SUPER FAST acting SUPER STRENGTH formula that provides horse owners with fast acting targeted nutrition to support a calm and relaxed outlook in horses prone to tension, nerves, excitement or anxiety.

From £12.99

Global Herbs SuperCalm Powder
SuperCalm maintains a relaxed and easy to manage horse, whilst providing the best nutrition for natural living, fitness and strong body defences

From £15.99

Lincoln Platinum Pro Mag 5 Calmer 60g Syringe
Lincoln Platinum Pro Mag 5 Calmer 60g Syringe. A fast acting calmer which gives the required effect in 30-60 minutes and is the first calmer to use 5 different sources of magnesium.


Gold Label Equikalm Once for Horses
An enhanced potent revised formula for short term use on excitable equines.

From £8.55

Equilibrium Calmmunch 1kg (pack of 5)
Equilibrium Calmmunch 1kg x 5. A unique healthy, tasty, high fibre, low calorie, low sugar, cereal free snack especially designed for excitable or anxious horses and ponies.


Horse First RelaxMe Now Horse Calmer 30ml Syringe
Horse First RelaxMe Horse Calmer 30ml Syringe. Two-way calming and settling supplement which settles the stomach and digestive tract and relieves nerves, excitability and stress.


Gold Label Equikalm Daily for Horses
A non-sedating herbal supplement, It has a mild effect on the central nervous system, and when used over a period of time, helps to calm horses without impairing performance.

From £10.85

Brinicombe Think Calm
Brinicombe Think Calm for Horses. Think Calm has been cleverly designed to help the horse maintain a calm approach in every situation.

From £26.29

Global Herbs SuperCalm Instant Sachets
‘Instant’ is a convenient concentrated form of SuperCalm which works in 1-3 hours and lasts for over half a day.

From £3.89

Freestep InstaMag Spray for Horses
For easily spooked, excitable horses and those lacking in concentration.

From £18.49 Incl. Vat

Magiboost Equine Supplement 1L
Magiboost Equine Supplement contains high potency soluble magnesium for rapid absorption.


Battles Clop Liquid Calmer for Horses 1L
Battles Clop Liquid Calmer for Horses 1L. Beneficial for nervous and excitable horses and for those that respond to environmentally induced stress.


Global Herbs RigCalm for Horses
Global Herbs RigCalm for Horses. A product designed to help in the management of excitable male horses. It works quickly and effectively and can be used in the long and short term.

From £37.99

Gold Label Oestraban for Horses 800g
A supplement which can be fed to hyperactive stallions or rigs and problem marish horses to assist in maintaining the hormone balance.


Animalife Vetrocalm Senior For Horses
Vetrocalm Senior has been designed to support positive, stress-free behaviour. Vetrocalm Senior has been scientifically created to help maintain a calm and relaxed frame of mind during everyday challenges and when older horses and ponies are faced with testing or stressful situations.

From £19.99

Animalife Vetrocalm Growing
Using a blend of high quality, bioavailable magnesium, Vetrocalm Healthy has been scientifically created to help maintain a calm and relaxed frame of mind during everyday challenges.

From £17.99

Freestep InstaMag Rider Spray 150ml
A light mist Spray for nervous tense riders, especially good for children who are often short on this vital mineral.

£13.65 Incl. Vat

Dodson & Horrell Take Control 3kg
Take Control contains a blend of nutrients and herbs which help to support your horse’s concentration and nervous system function.


Gold Label Magsil for Horses
A pure powdered magnesium calmer suitable for use under all rules.

From £15.99

Wendals Calmer
Blend of relaxing herbs for nervous or excited horses.

From £20.49

SP Settleze for Horses 850g
SP Settleze for Horses 0.85kg. An all-natural calming supplement in a powder form, containing no medicinal calming drugs and no amino acid calming agents.


Global Herbs Thoroughbred Calmer for Horses
Global Herbs Throughbred Calmer for Horses. A special blend that many owners have found to make all the difference to their horses whether used for a relaxed hack in the country or more competitive situations.

From £30.99

Wendals Special Calmer for Horses
Wendals Special Calmer for Horses. This variation was developed specifically for Arab and part Arab breeds.

From £21.89

Gold Label Magnesium Plus for Horses 1L
A liquid calmer and mood modifier for equines with highly bio-available magnesium for rapid absorption.

Item #: GOLDLMP 
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Freestep ReLaxed for Horses 500ml
Suitable for nervous and difficult to handle horses before shoeing or in times where there is a busy atmosphere.