Bob Martin Flea Products

Bob Martin Flea has a wide range of flea control treatments, their Bob Martin Flea Bomb is a flea control treatment for the house that you light like a candle, this then kills a flea infestation that is in the house at that time. It has no residual effect and does not kill the pupae stage.

The Bob Martin All in One Flea Spray will kill adult fleas, and stop eggs, larvae and pupae emerging and controls every part of the flea cycle by means of a stick trap and is safe for kids and pregnant women. Ideally used in conjunction with the Bob Martin Flea Tablets.Their fogger will kill adult fleas, ticks and larvae for up to three months and prevents flea eggs from developing for up to seven months.The Bob Martin double action Spot-On Flea Treatment will kill adult fleas on your dog and flea larvae around your dogs close habitat such as their bed or just around the area where they hang out! It can keep your dog flea free for up to 12 weeks, and as there is a version for cats it is ideal to be used in a house that contains both cats and dogs. Remember in bad flea infestations it is generally the pupae stage that is causing re-infestation so try Bob Martin Flea Treatments today to keep fleas away.