Battles Lambing Supplies

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Battles Strong Iodine Solution
Battles Strong Iodine Solution. A traditional high-strength disinfectant solution with many veterinary uses. Suitable for most animals, including poultry.

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Battles Ewe Drink 90ml
A tonic and cordial for exhaustion in ewes after lambing. Also suitable for administration for chills, etc. Supplied in bottles containing one application, no mixing required

Item #: EWE9005497 
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Battles Lamb Reviver & Tonic 30ml
The tonic provides all the essential nutrients required for quick recovery of weak lambs. Contains vitamins, glucose and proteins as a single pre-digested nutrient.

Item #: LAM9005513 
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£1.95 Incl. Vat

Battles Veterinary Iodine Solution
A general purpose skin disinfectant for use in the management of livestock.

Item #: IODINEV 
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Battles Twin Lamb Drench
Battles Twin Lamb Drench. A fast acting energy rich drench with essential trace elements for nutritional support of ewes carrying twin lambs.

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Battles Twin Lamb Care 1L
Battles Twin Lamb Care 1L. An energy rich drench with additional electrolytes and amino acids to support ewes at risk of twin lamb disease.

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