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Antos Origins Root Dog Chew
The origin root chew from Antos is a new long lasting natural dog chew and is the tuber root of a tree. The root chews are full of nutrients and come from sustainable source, making them eco friendly. They are gently harvested, then air dried for several months before being cleaned and then cut to size.

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Antos Antler Dog Chew
The Antos Antler is a completely natural bone from Scottish highland deer. They have simply been cleaned, made safe and cut to a size that dogs can chew on.

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From £4.19 Incl. Vat

Antos Natural Cow Ears Dog Treat (pack of 10)
Antos Natural Cow Ears Dog Treat (pack of 10). Made from 100% beef these snacks are a delicious chew that will give your dog a well deserved reward whilst helping to reduce plaque and keep gums healthy.

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Antos Fallow Antler
The antos fallow antler is another of our 100% natural chews for dogs!

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