Horse Allergy Supplements

We stock a range of horse allergy supplements specifically formulated to help the horse fight unpleasant spring and summer skin irritations from Naff D-Itch to Fidavet Cavalesse sachets which contain Nicotinamide and has been shown to help balance the natural immune response of a horse, so helping to maintain a healthy skin in horses and ponies prone to allergies in spring and summer. Check out our full range below.

Dodson & Horrell Itch Free
Itch-Free is a carefully blended herb containing Chamomile, Burdock Root, Garlic Granules and Nettle. These individual herbs have been chosen for their soothing, healing and repelling properties.

From £21.35

Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch
The supplement is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), vital for maintaining skin and cellular integrity and encouraging natural resistance to allergens and irritations. The supplement also contains herbs that offer a cleansing and cooling anti allergen action.

From £25.39

Cavalesse Sachets (3 x 20g)
Cavalesse is used in horses and ponies with seasonal itching due to insect bites.

£57.69 Incl. Vat

Gold Label Cider Vinegar & Honey
A liquid feed supplement for older, arthritic and laminitic horses and ponies.

From £6.35

Global Herbs PolleneX for Horses
PolleneX offers soothing comfort from irritating airborne particles. Specifically designed to support the respiratory system, this highly effective herbal blend can be used all year round - for high pollen count in summer and dusty stables in winter.

From £219.99

Hilton Herbs Shake No More Gold
Hilton Herbs Shake No More Gold. A unique product specifically formulated to help your horse maintain a healthy resistance to allergens, irritants and nasal inflammation, whatever the season.

From £26.69 Incl. Vat

Wendals Stop Itch
This formulation includes herbs to help cleanse the blood and soothes irritation. Maintains healthy skin and coat.

From £22.29

Wendals Liquid Stop Itch for Horses 1L
Wendals Liquid Stop Itch for Horses 1L. A concentrated liquid blend of eight herbs to help overcome skin conditions, caused through, diet, allergy or insect worry.