Skinners Dog Food & Puppy Food

Skinners Dog Food & Puppy Food is VAT free dog food for working dogs. Suitable for puppies through to adult: it can be the go to choice for working dogs.

Skinners Field & Trial Duck & Rice Hypoallergenic
Field & Trial Duck & Rice is completely hypoallergenic as it has been specifically formulated to exclude ingredients that are known to cause sensitivities or allergies and therefore reduce the likelihood of these associated skin, coat and digestive problems.

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Skinners Field & Trial Muesli Mix 15kg
Field & Trial Muesli Mix is an appetising mix of meat, cooked peas, steam cooked flaked cereals and crunchy biscuits all coated in wheat glucose syrup which gives the food added natural flavour and a distinctive texture.

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Skinners Field & Trial Maintenance 15kg
Skinners Field & Trial Maintenance Dry Dog Food 15kg. Maintenance is a complete dog food specially formulated to meet the needs of working dogs, undertaking light to moderate work or in the closed season.

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Skinners Field & Trial Salmon & Rice Hypoallergenic
Field & Trial Salmon & Rice is completely hypoallergenic and was developed following the success of our Field & Trial Duck & Rice food.

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Skinners Field & Trial Light & Senior Dog Food
Skinners Field & Trial Light & Senior Dog Food. Field & Trial Light & Senior is ideal for older, overweight or less active working dogs. It is wheat gluten free.

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Skinners Field & Trial Puppy
Field & Trial Puppy food is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of puppies and young working dogs during their first and most crucial stages of development.

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Skinners Puppy Milk
Skinner's Puppy Milk is a highly nutritious, easily mixed milk feed which can help to ensure the health and vitality of growing puppies and bitches before and after whelping.

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Skinners Field & Trial Working 23 15kg
Field & Trial Working 23 with beef combines meat and a blend of cereals together with the oils, vitamins and minerals essential for good health and for the sustained stamina needed during a full day in the field.


Skinners Field & Trial Junior Dog Food
Made with easily digestible chicken, we recommend feeding Field & Trial Junior to follow on from Field & Trial Puppy.

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Skinners Field & Trial Turkey & Rice
Field & Trial Turkey & Rice is a hypoallergenic food and has been exclusively formulated to include joint aid for dogs at a daily maintenance level.

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Skinners Premier Large Bite Dog Food 15kg
Skinners Premier Large Bite Dry Dog Food 15kg. Premier Large Bite is a premium quality complete dog food suitable for all adult breeds of dog and is made with easily digestible chicken and rice.

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Skinners Ruff & Ready Dog Food 15kg
Skinner's Ruff & Ready with its variety of aromas and textures keeps dogs interested for longer, making it a firm favourite with even the fussiest of eaters.

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Skinners Field & Trial Superior 15kg
Field & Trial Superior draws on unrivalled experience to meet the particular needs of all breeds of extra hard-working dogs. Easily digestible chicken provides the high level of protein needed for energy, strong muscles, teeth and bones.


Skinners Field & Trial Lamb & Rice Dog Food
Like humans, some dogs can suffer from food-related sensitivities which can manifest themselves in many ways including dry, flaky or itchy skin, loose digestion or flatulence

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Skinners Field & Trial Crunchy Dog Food 15kg
Field & Trial Crunchy is made with easily digestible chicken needed for strong muscles, teeth and bones and a blend of cereals and rice