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NAF Five Star Instant Magic 30ml syringe
A single shot offering the calming power of Magic, taking effect in an hour and lasting all day.

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NAF Five Star Magic Calmer
NAF Five Star Magic Calmer is a magnesium calmer with a difference. It's a five-star formula and magnesium-based, but there's more. Magic also contains a unique combination of calming herbs and nutrients known to help relax muscles and support concentration.

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NAF Five Star Oestress
For the nutritional support of the hormonal system in mares. Recommended for mares who experience difficulties with their seasons, rendering them 'moody'.

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NAF Five Star Magic Liquid
Magic Liquid is formulated with magnesium and herbs in the same unique combination as in Magic Powder. In Magic Liquid the active ingredients have already been extracted from the herbs, making them more readily available for absorption. This enables Magic Liquid to go to work fast to calm your anxious or excitable horse.

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