Good Boy Dog Treats

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Good Boy Jerky Dog Treats 100g
Good Boy Jerky Dog Treats are deliciously natural, meaty treats, sure to get any doggy drooling.

£1.79 Incl. Vat

Good Boy Tripe Sticks 100g
Good Boy treats are the perfect rewards for your pet. If you're training your pooch you will need a delicious treat that he won't mind working hard for.

Item #: TRIPE 
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£2.04 Incl. Vat

Good Boy Paddywack 200g
Good Boy Paddywack treats are a 100% natural and tasty meat treat for your dog. Made from beef sinew. Paddywack is wheat gluten free and has no added colours or preservatives.

£1.89 Incl. Vat

Good Boy Beef Ribs 150g
Your dog will love these completely natural Good Boy dog treats! Natural oils in the natural treats provide a high level of protein which can help to promote strong bones and teeth.

£1.73 Incl. Vat

Good Boy Sausages 110g
These sausages are 100% natural and super duper tasty so are sure to become one of your dogs favourite treats. As they are 100% natural they contain no artificial nasties such as colours, flavours or preservatives.

£1.99 Incl. Vat